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It's Only the End if You Want it to Be

Jun 14 '12





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they date amazingly in the future

by amazingly i mean steph laughs every time damian tries to do romance

he’s like a cat

he brings her trophies of his hunts and leaves them near her shoes


‘a) I’ve warned you about calling me woman. I will kick you when you least expect it. b) gosh consider me seduced romeo. I’ll just swoon into your manly bosom right away!’

and then she cheerfully goes out on a vigilante date with Kate Kane and Damian is left to wonder what sort of murderpresent Steph actually wants.

murderpresent XD

:D <3

Can we all just appreciate the fact that Steph did this?

No, really guys. Take off your shipper goggles and just look at this from Steph’s point of view.

This kid has been NOTHING but an obnoxious brat to her. He’s taken every opportunity to insult her, tell her how little he thinks of her, and threaten to stab her. He’s given her absolutely NO reason to want to give him the time of day, let alone take an interest in his welfare.

But Steph sees beneath that. She sees that he’s just a lonely little kid who’s never been allowed to be a child and has no idea how to play. And, amazingly, she tries to help him. Knowing that he’s likely to be anything but gracious about it. She takes him to a moonbounce to try and help him have fun because she can see how badly he needs it, and because she has so much joy in life and she just wants to share it.

No one else would have done that. NO ONE. Even Dick didn’t do that, and you all know how much I adore Dick and Damian’s relationship and how much I respect the HECK out of what Dick did for that kid (or, maybe you don’t know. Well, you do now XD). But as much as Dick did his best to treat Damian like a regular kid, and as life-changing as that was to Damian, even Dick never had the guts to drag him over and tell him “Okay, this is it, you’re going to be a normal child and you’re going to have fun, because I can see that this is what you need even if you can’t admit it.” Only Stephanie did that.

And you know what? It worked. Damian pouted and he whined and he dragged his feet, but he bounced on that moonbounce. Because of Stephanie.

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