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It's Only the End if You Want it to Be

Jul 25 '12

khalilmack asked:

Hm... wrestling fandom. Go!

Man, this is one I really know almost NOTHING about.

So, people wrestle, but they also have these fake personas that they put on for the cameras, and people root for them based on these personas. And skimpily-clad ladies seem to figure into this somewhere though I do not know why. And it kind of seems more like a reality TV show than an organized sport.

  1. khalilmack said: Not too far off, actually.
  2. prince0fcupsandroses said: Pretty close. The actual action is very much like a performance art or a ballet - the object is to create a realistic looking battle within certain parameters. One of my english profs compared it to a modern day joust. I’m a fan since age 13 :-D
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