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It's Only the End if You Want it to Be

Sep 12 '12

30 Days of DC:

Day 3 - Favorite Friendship

Dick Grayson & Donna Troy


As always, more thoughts after the cut!

Okay, so this question was actually really hard for me. Because the thing is, I freaking love friendship. I am a fan of basically every friendship in the DCU. If I’m not, it’s only because I don’t know enough to be a fan. And there are many, many DC friendships that I hold very close to my heart. So I was basically like “Cass and Steph!” “No, Bruce and Clark!” “No, Donna and Kory!” “No, Babs and Dinah!” “Babs and Dinah AND Helena?” “Then I feel bad for not including Zinda…” “Can I do the entire Birds of Prey?” “Can I do the entire New Teen Titans line-up?”… you get the idea.

But since doing a photoset for every DC friendship ever was pretty clearly not a possibility, I did have to narrow it down to one. And while there are or were many incredible friendships in the DCU (I came verrry close to choosing Dinah and Babs), at the end of the day Dick and Donna are my choice for the single most flawless DC friendship of all time.

First of all, these two have amazing history together. In-universe, they’ve canonically been best friends since they were thirteen years old. In the real world, they’ve been friends since Donna was introduced in 1965 - close to 50 years of history together. In that time period, they’ve been there and supported each other through every life-changing event possible - love, loss, identity crises, adolescence, adulthood, marriage, heartbreak, and even death. They’ve been together through it all, and in many ways they’ve been more of a constant in each others lives than any of the redheads love interests they’ve had over the years. (And I say that as someone who is clearly aware of my own shipping biases.) They’re there to hold each others hands (both literally and metaphorically), lend a sympathetic ear, give each other strength when they’re falling apart, believe in each other no matter what, and even give each other tough love when it’s necessary. They’re there for everything, and they always will be.

I will always have endless love for DC for the fact that they never went the obvious route and had Dick and Donna get involved romantically. Do not get me wrong: I love and adore romance. But strong, genuine platonic love between a man and a woman is something genuinely rare in fiction. Too often, the writers feel compelled to give one of the duo unrequited romantic feelings for the other or tease the idea of a romantic relationship, even if nothing ever actually happens. I love that that was never the case with Dick and Donna. They love and adore each other like crazy, but there’s nothing romantic about it, and there’s no reason it needs to be. There are many kinds of love in the world, and Dick and Donna are a shining example of that.

What I love is that the love between them is so strong, and so overt, without ever needing to veer into romance. Dick and Donna are incredibly physically affectionate with each other, often hugging, kissing on the cheek, holding hands, and putting their arms around each other. They also frequently express their love for each other and talk about what they mean to one another. They call each other pet names such as “sweetie” and “honey”. None of this is unusual in a real-life friendship, of course, but sadly you rarely see so much warmth and open affection between a man and a woman in fiction without it being a sign that romance is (or will be) involved. God bless DC for going a different route with Dick and Donna.

The bottom line with Dick and Donna is… they are family to each other in every way that counts, blood relation or no blood relation. They refer to each other as being like a brother and sister, and I think that’s a very accurate description. There’s an incredibly deep bond between them, one that’s lasted from childhood into adulthood, through all the worst trials and greatest joys life has thrown at them. They’ve always been by each others sides. They see the best in each other no matter what, they are always there to support each other, and quite simply, they make each other happy.

And that’s why they’re my favorite. <3

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