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It's Only the End if You Want it to Be

Sep 13 '12

30 Days of DC:

Day 4 - Character you would bring back from the dead

Helena Bertinelli/Huntress

*sobs* Helena, baby. Baby come back! You can blame it all on meeeeee.

Look at this amazing woman. How could you, DC? How could you?!

So Helena was the obvious choice for this one, for me. There are many other characters I miss, of course, but most have been erased from continuity as opposed to actually killed off. If we accept Helena B’s hideously disrespectful off-panel death in World’s Finest as canon, she’s without a doubt the character I’d want to bring back from the dead. It would be incredibly easy to retcon as no one saw her die on-panel anyway. Just because Helena W thinks she’s dead doesn’t mean it’s actually so. They could easily reveal that she faked her death for some reason.

As per usual, I tried to choose pictures for the photoset which I think show the different sides of Helena’s personality, and what make her special as a character.

So one of the things that I think is amazing about Helena is that she is such an incredibly tough fighter - one of the toughest in the DCU, IMO. And I don’t mean that in terms of skill. Helena isn’t in the Top 5 in terms of skill. She’s probably not even in the Top 10. But she makes up for that in sheer grit and willpower. She simply will not back down. It doesn’t matter how hard you hit her, she will just keep fighting and she won’t give up for a second when she’s protecting something important to her. And she’s not afraid to use every dirty trick in the book, either.

But then you have this other side of her, which I also tried to show… the same woman who is such a tough, ruthless fighter can also be so kind and so gentle at times. She’s a teacher by profession, and you can see it whenever she interacts with kids (and babies). She has this amazingly protective, nurturing side which you don’t often see come out to play. It’s the same side of her personality which makes her such a loving friend once she actually gets close to someone… as we see here with Renee, and also with Dinah and Babs though they’re not pictured here. Once someone gets through her walls, she’s a deeply loving person.

And there is so much more which makes her amazing. She’s suffered through so much, experienced so much loss and mistreatment. She’s been belittled and mistrusted even by others in the superhero community. But she never let any of that define her. She is who she is, and to hell with anyone who thinks they have a right to judge her. Helena is simply not intimidated by anyone, no matter how high-and-mighty they might think they are. Whether it’s Batman or Lady Shiva or some mafia crime boss, Helena isn’t afraid to stand up to them and tell them exactly what she thinks of them and where they can shove it. I think that’s amazing.

I also find her relationship with religion fascinating… it is so rare to see a religious character thoughtfully depicted in comics and Helena’s conflict over her beliefs, when written well, is an incredibly compelling aspect of her character. She has genuine faith, but like many she’s been disillusioned over the years and finds it hard to believe. In a more general sense, the conflict between the traditionalist and the independent cynic in Helena is one of the most interesting dichotomies in her character.

There’s so much more to say, but I’ve rambled on long enough so I’ll just end it here. Basically, I think Helena is a fascinating, multifaceted, amazing, lovable character, and DC got rid of someone really special when they got rid of her.

Please bring her back!

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