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It's Only the End if You Want it to Be

Nov 13 '12

violetblackforge asked:

What are your Top 5 costumes in comics?

1) Stephanie’s Batgirl costume

2) Dick’s finger-stripe Nightwing costume

3) Kate’s Batwoman costume

4) This version of Donna’s Troia costume

5) I’m trying not to say another Batfam costume here, but… probably Damian’s Robin costume.

Pretty much, I like a look that’s practical, isn’t skimpy for its own sake, is mostly black but has enough color on it not to look boring, is simple but detailed enough to be unique, and suits the character.

  1. distractedbyshinyobjects said: Wow - those are some really good choices, probably the same as mine, except I swich out Season 4 BTAS Babs for Steph’s Batgirl suit.
  2. prince0fcupsandroses said: The black starry Troia costume, heck yes!
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