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It's Only the End if You Want it to Be

Dec 19 '12

lunaexclamationpoint asked:

Hi. So. I read your thing on Dick. And you mentioned he'd been raped twice? I know about the Catalina Flores incident, but what was the other one?

Back in the days of New Teen Titans, Mirage (who was a shape-shifter) pretended to be Kory, and Dick slept with her.

The whole storyline was just… horribly handled, basically, in every way. Kory got angry at Dick over it and basically acted like he cheated on her:


(Personally, I never did find it believable that Dick wouldn’t have known the difference myself- but the fact is, he genuinely thought she was Kory, which makes the entire thing completely nonconsensual.)

Oh, and did I mention that Dick’s teammates called him a “slut” for this? Yeah:


This was by the point where New Teen Titans was basically turning into a complete mess, which from what I understand was partly because of extreme editorial meddling. But the result was just a whole bunch of horrible storylines and OOC behavior on the part of everybody. Not fun.

  1. heresalowerplace said: Oh god, this storyline was just a clusterfuck. The only reason Dick isn’t an utter mess when it comes to sex after both these incidents and their aftermath is because writers don’t like to focus on those kinds of consequences of shitty storylines.
  2. prince0fcupsandroses said: ugh I did not know about this one either. WHY, WRITERS, WHY
  3. hackingangel said: That’s just awful. What a stupid storyline. They could have EASILY made Mirage shapeshift into Kory, trick Dick, but NOT mention anything about sex, imo. Then they wouldn’t have had this nonsense. *sighs*
  4. luanna255 posted this