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It's Only the End if You Want it to Be

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Sep 2 '14



When I say I want to read the book before seeing the movie, I don’t want brownie points or bragging rights. I want to be able to read the book with my imagined world and idea of the characters without the movie’s influence at least once. After you see the movie there’s always some part of it that sticks in your head for a long time and you lose the enjoyment of making it up yourself.

thank you so much for putting it into words

Not only that, but I always want to read/watch/whatever the original version of something before I see any subsequent adaptations. Not just with books, either. I still haven’t seen the reboot Star Trek movies because I feel like in order to judge it properly I’d need to see what it’s based on - The Original Series - first.

May 26 '13


30 Days of The Lizzie Bennet Diaries → Favourite Quote

It’s impossible to choose a favourite quote, but I do like this one.

Fun Fact: One time I tweeted that shirts with ‘Geek’ on them made me want to put my eye out with a spork, and someone asked me ‘what the fuck is a spork?’.


May 9 '13


Superman: Secret Origin Vol 1 

Other than the Lois scene, this was absolutely my favorite part of the trailer. And it immediately made me think of the Secret Origins scene.

It’s probably an intentional reference, and that pleases me because even though I don’t feel superhero movies need to be slavish adaptations of comic story arcs, I like it when the writers show that they have actually read the comics. Not only because it’s a nice shout-out for the fans, but also because it means they’re more likely to understand the overarching themes and relationships.

Apr 19 '13

Smallville is the show that made me fall in love with Lois and Clark, but Lois & Clark: The New Adventures of Superman remains my all-time favorite adaptation.

Perfect Lois, right there. <3

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Apr 19 '13

Teri Hatcher, Dana Delany & Erica Durance tweeted their love for Lois Lane and helped fans trend #LoisLane75yrs!

Oh, this is SO wonderful to see. <3

I think one of the loveliest things is that over the years, Lois has been played by so many actresses who just really love and respect her as a character. And I’m really happy that Amy Adams is going to be continuing that trend as the latest Lois - she’s said in interviews how she’s wanted to be Lois Lane ever since she was a little girl, and auditioned for three different Superman adaptations before she finally got her chance to be Lois. That’s just so cool, and so heartwarming, to me. Lois is such a great character, and I love to see that all these lovely actresses who have played her love her just as much as we do.

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Apr 19 '13

This scene just just so beautiful and timeless. <3

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Apr 19 '13


New Man of Steel Trailer Debuts

Action packed and featuring lots of Lois Lane, the third trailer for Man of Steel is now available for your viewing pleasure.

Apr 19 '13


Please tell me I’m not the only one who thought of this. 

Definitely not!

I love how Lois and Clark always use interviews as an excuse to flirt with each other. xD

In the comics, even after they were married and Lois already knew the answer to all of these questions, they’d still roleplay-interview. Not for any article that she was actually going to write. Just because… well, that’s foreplay for them. Literally not an exaggeration, there:

That cracks me up. But I think it’s awesome. xD

Apr 18 '13

Man of Steel: Lois Lane & Superman (x)

This was easily my favorite part of the trailer (along with Pa Kent reassuring Clark). Amy Adams had already sold me in interviews on how well she understands as loves Lois Lane (and I’ve been a fan of hers as an actress for a long time), but I still worried that she might not personify my personal interpretation of Lois. This trailer put those doubts to rest for me in a big way. She was just perfect Lois Lane to me in this scene, in every way.

And it looks like she and Henry Cavill have good chemistry, too, which is vitally important, of course.

*crosses fingers that this movie will not let me down*

Apr 10 '13

the one change I was totally okay with the movie making

^ Same here.


the one change I was totally okay with the movie making

^ Same here.

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Apr 8 '13

This line made me think of this scene from the comics the first time I saw it in theaters:

I know some people didn’t like TDKR!Bruce and Selina at all, and I definitely think it would’ve been better if their relationship had been developed over all three movies (or even the last two) instead of having everything be rushed in the final one, but in many ways The Dark Knight Rises got Selina - and her dynamic with Bruce - very right, IMO.

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Apr 8 '13

Harry Potter in GoF
(i.e. the closest we’ve ever gotten to Book!Harry’s sass/humor)

Sassy!Harry is the best Harry. <3

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Sep 6 '12

The Making of a Nightwing Movie: Behind the Scenes

A Personal Nightmare Fanfic by Luanna255.

Scene: Office. Jim-in-Charge, a higher-up at a major film studio, sits in conference with his assistant, Intern Bob.

Jim-in-Charge: Right, so we’ve decided to make a movie about this Nightwing character, after Nolan wouldn’t sell us the rights to John Blake. Supposedly there’s a large fanbase out there interested in seeing this. Bob, have you got this guy’s Wikipedia page for me?

Intern Bob: Sir, don’t you think we should be consulting the actual comics-

Jim-in-Charge: No, not necessary. Do I look like I have time to read picture books? Wikipedia will do fine.

Intern Bob: Yes, sir. *pulls up Wikipedia page* Okay, Dick Grayson was the youngest in a family of-

Jim-in-Charge: Wait. Wait. Dick?

Intern Bob: Yes…

Jim-in-Charge: Well, we can’t have that. We want this movie to be serious. Nothing ridiculous. Nothing laughable. We’re gonna have to call him something else.

Intern Bob: His full name is Richard…

Jim-in-Charge: Too old-fashioned. It’s gotta be something cool. Hip. Something kids will relate to. Like… Chad!

Intern Bob: … Chad? Really?

Jim-in-Charge: Sure! Like that blonde kid from One Tree Hill that all the young people are so crazy for!

Intern Bob: Are you talking about Chad Michael Murray? Because he hasn’t even been relevant in, like, six years…

Jim-in-Charge: It’ll be great, trust me. Okay, now: Backstory.

Intern Bob: *consults Wikipedia page* He was the youngest in a family of acrobats known as “The Flying Graysons”, and his parents were killed by a mob boss when he was-

Jim-in-Charge: The dead parents are good, but we’re gonna have to scratch the rest of that. Circuses are goofy. He needs an origin story that’s grittier, darker… like… growing up on the streets, or something.

Intern Bob: Then why don’t you just make a movie about Jason Todd?

Jim-in-Charge: Who?

Intern Bob: The second Robin.

Jim-in-Charge: There’s been more than one of those kids?

Intern Bob: Five, actually-

Jim-in-Charge: Don’t tell me you actually read those funny books?

Intern Bob: I’ve been known to pick one up now and then.

Jim-in-Charge: Well, we’re not making a movie about this Todd Janson person. Nobody’s ever heard of him. We’re making a movie about Nightwing. And it’s gonna be realistic. And gritty. So, what happened in the comics after his parents died?

Intern Bob: He was taken in as Bruce Wayne’s legal ward, and became his crime-fighting partner, Robin-

Jim-in-Charge: No good. People think Robin, they think of some stupid kid making puns. We’ve gotta stay as far away from that as possible. So, none of this Robin stuff. He grows up on the streets, and then he becomes… a gang member.

Intern Bob: … A gang member? Really?

Jim-in-Charge: Yeah! And he’s angry about this. Like, really angry. This is a guy who walks around with a chip on his shoulder at all times. An angry loner. The world’s been cruel to him, and he’s mad about it.

Intern Bob: This isn’t sounding like Dick Grayson at all-

Jim-in-Charge: Chad!

Intern Bob: Chad. Right. Sorry. But see, in the comics he’s a very upbeat, friendly kind of person-

Jim-in-Charge: Kid, nobody’s interested in seeing that campy, colorful stuff nowadays. People like their heroes dark. Flawed. Superheroes for adults.

Intern Bob: Can’t he be flawed and realistic, but still an optimist-?

Jim-in-Charge: No. Optimism isn’t realistic.

Intern Bob: Oh. Well. Okay then.

Jim-in-Charge: Good, we’re on the same page. Now! This franchise needs a love interest! Nightwing’s supposed to be some kind of big womanizer, right?

Intern Bob: Actually, he’s not really-

Jim-in-Charge: Less talking, more possible love interests, please.

Intern Bob: *turns back to Wikipedia* He was in a relationship with fellow Teen Titans member Starfire for years-

Jim-in-Charge: Who? Never heard of her.

Intern Bob: Princess Koriand’r. She’s an alien from the planet Tamaran, and she was-

Jim-in-Charge: No, no, NO. You’re not listening. We need gritty. Realistic. Dark. Not some alien princess named after a kitchen spice.

Intern Bob: His other main love interest is Barbara Gordon…

Jim-in-Charge: Wasn’t she Batgirl, or something?

Intern Bob: Oracle, technically, by the time they got together. She was left wheelchair-bound after the Joker shot her in the spine, and established herself as-

Jim-in-Charge: We can’t have a crippled love interest. It’s not sexy. The audience won’t like it.

Intern Bob: But-

Jim-in-Charge: Keep going.

Intern Bob: *turns back to Wikipedia* Well, it lists Donna Troy here, but they’re actually just-

Jim-in-Charge: Who’s she?

Intern Bob: Wonder Woman’s little sister.

Jim-in-Charge: No good. They’re not letting us use any Wonders until the Justice League movie comes out. You got anyone else listed there?

Intern Bob: *hesitantly* Well, it has Catalina Flores listed…

Jim-in-Charge: Who?

Intern Bob: She’s a former FBI agent, who was responsible for the murder of-

Jim-in-Charge: Perfect. It’s dark. Realistic. Gritty. She’ll fit right into the world we’re making!

Intern Bob: Sir, I think that’s a very bad idea-

Jim-in-Charge: No, it’ll be perfect. Trust me. I think we’re making great progress here!

Intern Bob: So, you’re making a movie about Chad Grayson, angry loner street kid who grows into a gang member, and his love interest, Tarantula?

Jim-in-Charge: The fans are gonna love it!

Aug 19 '12



“Come with me. Save yourself”

The Dark Knight Rises : AU fancastfeat. Eva Green as Catwoman

CRYING AT THE PERFECTION THAT COULD HAVE BEEN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


I thought Anne Hathaway did a great job, but Eva Green will always be my perfect Selina.

This is flawless. <3

Aug 19 '12


Unpopular opinion?

I don’t want Christopher Nolan to make a Nightwing or Robin sequel to TDK trilogy. If or when there ever is a Nightwing/Robin movie, I would much rather it be about Dick Grayson and not John Blake.

I loved Joseph Gordon-Levitt in the movie.

I loved his character, John Blake.

But seriously, if there is to be a Nightwing/Robin movie… I want it to be canon. I want it to be about Dick Grayson, with his acrobatics, chattiness, comedy and all that good stuff.

And let’s just be realistic for a second and accept the fact that Nolan would never make one anyways.

I guess I wasn’t actually done with TDKR posts.

AGREED. John Blake =/= Dick Grayson. And I don’t want to see a Nightwing movie about anyone who isn’t Dick Grayson. Period, the end.