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Aug 8 '13
adorababble replied to your photoset: 
With some exceptions, I can gauge how much an artist respects Wonder Woman by where they draw the bustline of her costume. Cleavage is natural, but a plunging, “where did the nipples go” rendering is sadly common. Thank you for this photoset! <3
SO TRUE OMG. I was just discussing this with my boyfriend a friend, actually - Adam Hughes would probably have made this list, if it weren’t for the fact that Diana’s costume always seems to be about two sizes too small when he draws her. Like here:

Gorgeous cover, right? Great concept, great execution, Diana even has a noticeably darker skintone than Lois and Clark which is something I love. It’s just a beautiful piece, overall. Except that Diana’s top seems to be in serious danger of sliding off entirely, while the bottom part is absurdly tiny. And it’s even worse on this one:

Once again, so close to being a fantastic cover, but OH MY GOOD LORD, WHY so cheesecake-y on Diana?! (Her expression is part of the problem here too, though the costume is the really obscene part.) It looks like that costume is something she outgrew ten years ago and is trying to squeeze back into.

I mean, Adam Hughes is FAR from the only one guilty of this, but he’s the first one to come to mind, and it’s especially annoying to me because he’s a genuinely talented artist and I believe he’d draw a fantastic Diana if he didn’t feel the need to veer so far into cheesecake territory.

And I just don’t GET it, because the thing is, Diana’s costume is already sexy! Look at the art in that photoset I just posted: she is sexy and beautiful in every one of those drawings, WITHOUT looking like she’s in danger of falling out of her costume. And goodness knows, she’s already showing plenty of skin. So WHY is it necessary to take the sexualization to such ridiculous levels?!

It just doesn’t make sense to me.

But anyway, rant done, sorry about that. ;-) I’m so glad you like the photoset!

Apr 26 '13

adorababble asked:

Given a choice between Kryptonian powers or being a part of the Marvel family, which would you prefer? (And in this situation, you must choose a set of powers in order to save your loved ones from those dastardly Gotham Rogues who have mistaken your family for an upper crust family on par with the Waynes or Kanes in terms of financial elitism)

Erm. I’m more familiar with the Kryptonians’ power-set and limitations, so I guess I’d choose them just because I’d know what I was getting into?

But honestly, most of Gotham’s rogues are human (more or less), so they wouldn’t stand a chance if I had Kryptonian or Marvel powers. Not without some really brilliant scheming, at any rate.

Mar 25 '13

adorababble replied to your post:

Some people are genuinely this ignorant. Maybe the poster is really young. God knows I said terrible things enthusiastically because I was ignorant and it seemed funny at the time. There’s just no perspective or personal insight around young ages.

That’s true, and maybe I should be more understanding. Maybe I should be trying to calmly and kindly educate them on the problem here. Ordinarily, that would be my attitude, but…

… I honestly don’t even know where to start with this?


Believe me, I know we all mess up and say stupid things sometimes. I know I have. I’m not even mad at the person in question, I’m just kind of… totally floored by this whole thing?

And sad. Really, really sad.

*double sigh*

Mar 17 '13

adorababble replied to your post:

This should inspire a dramatic reveal in the new 52 that goes along the lines of, “Dick’s costume was stitched from Bruce’s shower curtains.”

Dick’s costume is actually woven from the fibers of the ropes that the Flying Graysons fell to their deaths from, dyed red with their blood, and accessorized with a belt buckle made from Boss Zucco’s gun barrel.

Mar 13 '13

adorababble replied to your post:

Luanna, if tumblr makes another arbitrary change and inexplicably produces a PermaFollow button, I’d PermaFollow you in a heartbeat.

You are the most ridiculously sweet person, you know that?!

Mar 11 '13

adorababble replied to your post:

Lori Elton has the swishy hair part to the right, Jennifer’s got it going to the left. Also, Lori’s is longer while Jennifer’s brushes just slightly past her shoulders. Hurrah, hair subtleties!

Well, yes, but for that to work their hair would have had to be drawn exactly like that in every issue. And the girl in the picture I’m trying to figure out has hair that could go either way.

It’s probably Jennifer, though, going by the date of the issue in question.

Mar 4 '13

adorababble asked:

Hi, I'm Luanna! Favorite birds are Robins, favorite mammal is the Bat, and I -loathe- Tarantulas. I love black superhero outfits that have thematically appropriate embellishments, with some character-themed color streaks added to the mix. Waffles are swell. I'm all for the emotional richness of space princesses!

Hahaha, that’s PERFECT. xD

And I’m impressed that you even remembered the style of superhero costumes that I like!

Mar 3 '13

adorababble asked:

On a scale of "Pointless Character Death" to "Dick Grayson Is a Slut," how strongly do you dislike me?

“Dan DiDio”.

You’ve never been anything but a complete jerk to me, so why would I like you?

Jan 20 '13

adorababble replied to your post

The first three are downright dealbreakers, and the spoiler was just. Incredulous laughter at how terrible that way. Thanks for the warning, I am not spending money on this horrible trainwreck.

I swear, it’s like Judd Winick actually tried to make it as terrible as he could.

And AD, I know you’re a fan of his, but seriously… he has not been good to Ollie or Dinah. I like a lot of the Jason Todd stuff he’s written just as much as you do, but his work on anything Green Arrow-related is just… ugh. No. Culminating in the GA/BC Wedding Special which was truly mind-bogglingly awful. There may have been editorial meddling involved to some degree, but he really just doesn’t seem to understand these characters at ALL.

Jan 20 '13

adorababble asked:

I've always been curious about Dinah's wedding with Ollie-- Is it disappointing, or still worth checking out?

It’s the worst. The actual worst.

Among the litany of horrors:

1) Ollie implies that Dinah is promiscuous

2) Dinah implies that Ollie’s rape was a “betrayal” on his part

3) Dinah hits Ollie across the face… and they promptly start having sex

and in case all of this wasn’t horrible enough…

(spoilers behind the cut)

Read More

Jan 9 '13

adorababble replied to your post:

I barely know anything about Star Wars but from the sound of it, Luke seems like he’d make a pretty dandy Star Sapphire.

OMG YES. Luke would be a PERFECT Star Sapphire.

Okay, now I really want an AU where Luke is a Star Sapphire and Han and Leia are Green Lanterns and they save the Galaxy together because YES.

Jan 2 '13

adorababble replied to your post

Right here screaming at the world beside you. I actually took aside and talked to two of my teachers who were using the word “gypped” and when I informed them about it, they apologized and hopefully stopped. There is hope, perhaps. :c

I do think most people honestly just don’t know any better, and would stop if they were better informed. Like I said, I used to use the term ‘gypsy’ myself, because I was completely ignorant of the racism behind it and it was so mainstream that it never occurred to me that there might be a problem with it. And I think that’s the boat most people are in. They’re not being knowingly racist, they just need to be educated. And all we can do is correct them politely when we can, and be sure to use the correct term ourselves.

Nov 13 '12

adorababble asked:

Do you check the third post and first question of your username's tag? :3c

*checks it*

OHMYGOSH! That’s incredibly flattering. ;-) And I’d be happy to act as your marriage officiant! <3

Nov 11 '12
adorababble replied to your photoset:
This is utterly darling! And its so good to see Diana and Lois in a story together, with their respective love interests.
I know! Aren’t they all just adorable? <3
And I completely agree with you, one of the things that bothers me the most about the Super/Wonder pairing is the way that it pits Lois and Diana against each other. I so much prefer it when they’re shown being friendly and respecting each other:
Nov 6 '12