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It's Only the End if You Want it to Be

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Sep 1 '14


THIS WAS ACTUALLY A LOT LONGER BUT I I cut out a whole chunk because every single slide was awful and no amount of cosmetic would fix it so I just lopped it off…. nonetheless I’m sorry for what I managed to finish as well. 

Aug 30 '14

Anonymous asked:

How can you care so much about a character who is just a brat with no interesting development?


Alright, you rotten tater tot.  You brought this upon yourself.  You came into my askbox and left this message when I was posting a bunch of Damian Wayne.  You opened this box of crap cookies.  Now it’s time for you to eat them.  (Although this whole thing is very belated.  Because I needed some time to cool off after reading this when I first got it.  But I’m ready now.  And I came prepared, so I hope you are ready now.)

First of all, I have a serious bone to pick with people who think of Damian Wayne as being just a brat.  Just a brat.  He’s totally just a brat!  He’s never shown any character traits beyond being bratty.

It’s not like he’s ever shown intense emotion over the brutal deaths of children before.



It’s not like he struggles to control himself and improve himself and live up to everyone’s expectations…


…or gets hurt when those attempts aren’t acknowledged and treated as accomplishments.


And he’s never had any meaningful friendships with anyone for a reason other than his own personal gain, right?



He doesn’t grapple with his own inner demons.  He’s never had to figure out who he was, and it’s not like he’s ever shown an honest want to change or anything.


And obviously the only person he cares about is himself.







Yeah, he can be a badly behaved child sometimes.  Damian is prickly, I’m not going to argue about that.  He’s made some pretty piss-poor decisions, but he’s a little kidwho was raised in a seriously messed up way.  Give him a little bit of understanding, if not slack.  To diminish his character traits and boil all of his complexity down to “he’s just a brat” shows a gross misunderstanding of the character that I don’t even want to touch.

Now, as for your statement that he has “no interesting development”,  I simply have no idea what you mean.  Damian has one of the most interesting character arcs I have ever read, and he’s grown so much since his first appearance.  Whether you like him or not, or whether you think Damian has grown in the right direction or not, you can’t tell me that Damian hasn’t grown as a person.  

And all of that development was somehow… uninteresting to you?  I’d really hate to know what counts as interesting character development for you.  I mean… have you seen this kid?  He used to be so jumpy/uptight that you couldn’t even touch him before he’d wake up:


And he turned into this snuggly little pile of adorable buttface who’ll let his guard down enough that he can actually rest:


If you don’t wanna like Damian, that’s on you.  But at least dislike him for reasons that make sense, honey, and don’t bring your Damian hate to my doorstep unless you’re looking to be taught.


I will never stop loving that that’s your tag for Damian. :-P

Aug 28 '14



I should have been there.

First of all HOW DARE YOU my feels are fragile

As much as I love that last scene, that picture will never make sense to me. First of all, because Dick got that horrible mullet after Jason died (see that picture above where he’s grieving at Jason’s tombstone and still has short hair?)

And secondly, why does Jason look like a hobgoblin?

Aug 24 '14








Detective Comics Annual #3 - “Chaos Theory”

written by Brian Buccallato
art by Werther Dell’Edera, Jorge Fornes, & Scott Hepburn

Because he is not being well-written? This is the Bruce I consider canon.

^THIS. My personal headcanon of Bruce will always be someone who struggles with fatherhood and has made mistakes, but is overall a good father. I hate when writers cross the line into making him abusive.

Bolded, because — fuck, yes.

There’s a bit in Darwyn Cooke’s New Frontier that always stays with me — a moment when Bruce is first starting out where he goes to help a small child, and can’t, because he accidentally frightens the boy too badly.

It nearly breaks him.

And another bit in, IIRC, Robin Annual #4, written by Chuck Dixon and penciled, I believe, by Jason Armstrong, where a freshly be-Robined Dick asks Alfred haltingly *why* Bruce wants to have him around, and Alfred lays it out — “Master Bruce has very few real friends. And while he most certainly became a man… I don’t think he ever became an adult.”

And then there’s Gotham Knights #32, a Devin Grayson/Robinson joint — their last I believe — where Bruce just goes to everyone he loves — *everyone* — and silently, lurkingly, subtly loves them. As best as he can. From the people he’s helped to his family — to Harvey.

And then there are those DCAU eps where he bends over backwards to build new lives for people like Harley and Arnold Wesker.

And all that time and effort he spent making sure Tim could be with Ariana, and then Steph, and then the Titans — because he *recognized* all the ways he’d fucked up in the past.

And then there’s the time when he tried to give Cass a birthday, even though he had no idea when it could be, and then sharing *Jay* with her, his dearest, closest-held *memories* of Jay, when he couldn’t with anyone else. (That second one was DetC, Gabrych run.)

And pouring his heart out to Steph on that rooftop, way back when, while Steph was in a state of 0.0.

And EVERY time Dick — fuck. Well, the entire DCU knows how he feels about DICK. INCLUDING DICK HIMSELF, WHEN DICK IS NOT DEPRESSED.

And Clark, at least, considers his love for Lois precisely the same as Bruce’s love for Jay.

Clark, who Bruce holds in his soul, trusting him above all others. His brother — in some ways.

And Barbara — the woman he respects more than anyone else. The woman he trusts behind the scenes for the motherfucking *JLA* systems. The woman who calls him ‘boss’ and means anything but. And he loves it that way. Look at the way Devin writes them together. The way Beatty writes them together. The way Simone writes them together. Fucking *A*.

And Damian! GOD! The son who was *denied* to him for *years*. The son who was *tortured* and *wronged* and led astray for so many years — and who is yet so beautiful inside, and so devoted to so much *right*. How can he not do his best by him? Even if he doesn’t know what that is, he has to *try*.

And so on. And so on.

Just — all of these moments.

Because Bruce is a good man, and a loving man, and a *kind* man, and he wants to make it better for *everyone* — even the people who fuck up and make things worse for everyone else. Because he recognizes his own capacities for failure, his own *fuck-ups*.

And he loves his family, his friends, Gotham, the *world*. He *loves* them. And he does not place himself above… anyone.

Not when he’s written anything like correct..

How do I discard all that other canon? Well, how do you discard the canon that doesn’t make any goddamned sense about *your* faves? The fact that I have to put up with *more* bullshit doesn’t make the bullshit less bullshitty.

It just means I need a bigger shovel.

*points to the one in the corner*

On Tumblr, every character gets the excuse of bad writing except Bruce. He’s always fully blamed for anything any hack decides to write. And I get it! Tumblr users, at least the ones I’m in contact with, consist greatly of people whose lives are made worse by rich, white, powerful men, and it’s understandable that the first knee-jerk reaction to a character who’s the ultimate macho fantasy is dislike, especially when text makes him precisely that kind of asshole.

When I first started reading DC, most of the things I read featured Bruce only in passing, and in a pretty bad light, so I didn’t like him *at all* before I read all those comics Te mentioned, and a ton of other stuff where he’s actually a complex, compelling, fallible, *human* character. And the more I read, the more firmly he’s established himself as my absolute fave.

Thing is, Bruce has (at least) two very different fandoms: one that likes Batman, the loner who punches people, and one that likes Batman, the family man who helps people. DC (or whoever owns the franchise) prefers to cater to Batman fans that are into the grimdark power fantasy, because that one sells better. It sells the big moneymakers, like movies and video games. For us who love a different Bruce, they don’t really give a fuck.

But you know what? I won’t acknowledge, say, Beechen’s Cass or Willingham’s Tim as my canon, and I sure as hell won’t acknowledge the Bruce written by any bad writer with a hard-on for the kind of stories that makes no sense to the character as I understand him.

But to return to the original “why can’t you talk to your kids like this”: he can. He does. When written well. It’s not like his kids love him as much as they do for no reason, and no, it’s not caused by emotional manipulation or some shit.

It’s also interesting that *Alfred* is never questioned for what kind of a father figure he was, and how many hugs *he* didn’t give Bruce growing up. He could have easily resigned from his position and left the lonely orphan to his own devices, but chose not to. You know who else did the same thing? Bruce. He watched a boy’s parents die, his heart went to him and he couldn’t leave him. So he gave him a purpose, a home and the best childhood he could imagine.

I firmly believe that he tried hard and did his best in his role as a parent, they both did. It wasn’t always good, but it was what he knew, and what he learned along the way. (Which is *another reason* on top of all others that makes me mad they murdered Damian: here you had a chance to tell a whole new kind of story about Bruce, a Bruce who was finally somewhat mature and have him raise a young kid with all the experience he had, but you go with the tried and true death of a child to give him angst and erase any history of him ever having a true family.)

tl;dr, Bruce is my favourite and I you should give him a chance, he’s really great.

these are the good people

Aug 24 '14
Aug 18 '14



Robin: art by Tom Lyle with designs by Neal Adams, Norm Breyfogle, Stephen De Stefano, George Perez and Jim Amparo [ Batman: Knight Gallery ] 

The 1995 DC Comics Elseworlds special “Batman: Knight Gallery” featured the Robin concept designs from artists Neal Adams & Norm Breyfogle, as well as a selection of others from Stephen De Stefano, George Perez, & Jim Aparo– with Tom Lyle stepping in to deliver them in finished form for the book:-

My favourite thing about this is that the subtitle of this book is something like “Bruce Wayne’s Design Sketchbook”. Meaning, these are all his designs, which gives it a whole new level of hilarity.


Aug 5 '14


My Cass and Helena K being sisters fic. Ignore continuity, because I don’t care.

Cass was welcomed back to the mansion by a rather large surprise. Jason was sitting on one of the parlor chairs with a…small child on his lap. Cass looked at him, confused.

"Yours?" She pointed. Jason responded with his eyes widening and then barking out a huge laugh.

"No…nononono…She’s our little sister now, apparently. Helena here is in joint guardianship with Selena and Bruce or something like that. I kinda zoned out at that par-OW!" He flinched as Helena stood up on his legs to tug at his white streak of hair. "Yes, Helena, I see you noticed that hair is different, but please stop trying to yank it out." Jason turned to give Cass a "Can you please take her for a minute?" look. Cass walked over and picked Helena up turning her around so she could face her. Cass noticed that she looked almost exactly like Selena. 


Her thoughts were interupped by Helena squirming to be let down, so Cass put her down and soon noticed that she was trying to climb up on one of the bigger chairs. Cass walked up to her and moved her arms slightly to give her better grip, and Helena amazingly hauled herself up onto the chair. She smiled and cheered.

"Yay!" Cassandra couldn’t help but laugh in response.

Soon Selina stopped by and told her (and Jason) about a game her and her sister used to play when they were little, called ‘Patty Cake’. Jason scoffed and thought it was silly, but Cass enjoyed the nice hand movements making Helena laugh and yell “B! B!” over and over. Then soon after Selina reached into the bag she brought with her. Cass couldn’t make out the words, but she could tell the picture on the cover was of a child like Helena, and a purple streak all over the cover.

Selina picked up Helena with one arm and strode over to the main couch in front of the fireplace in her usual elegant fashion. Cass started to slink out of the room, thinking she was interrupting an important mother/daughter bonding time, but Selina frowned and told her “You can sit with us, you’re her sister after all.” She turned towards Jason and offered him to sit with them too. He shuffled over hesitantly, but Cass knew that was just a front to hide his eagerness at being welcomed.

Cass couldn’t read the words, but she saw the pictures of (Harold, Selina said) drawing whole houses and stairs to the moon with a purple crayon. Cass watched entranced as Helena traced some of the lines with her finger, babbling incoherently.

Cass found herself wishing she could do that. Gather all her friends and family and draw a perfect world with purple crayons.

Aug 3 '14

Was discussing the sad lack of Romani actors to cast as Dick with jncera yesterday, and I was reminded how absolutely perfect Ovidiu Balan would have been as Robin!Dick in the 90’s.

Sadly, the last movie he was in came out in 1997 (yes, the same year as Batman & Robin - the irony!), and I can only assume he’s retired from acting. More’s the pity.

Jul 31 '14



maybe or maybe not.

Jul 30 '14

Bat Girl:
Stephanie Brown
Cassandra Cain
Barbara Gordon


Bat Girl:

Stephanie Brown

Cassandra Cain

Barbara Gordon

Jul 20 '14


Batman: Li’l Gotham #20

Jul 14 '14


Batboys- The Four Hogwarts Houses

Here’s the batladies!

Why did I sort them into those houses?

Well… Those are the 3 traits I think best describes members of those houses which the batboys also has! Soooo~

Jason (Gryffindor)- Because he’s very courageous, will face any adversary, and will stop at nothing just to achieve his goals. I say he’s really got a lion’s heart, he sticks by his codes, and we all know how much he can and will fight to survive. Among all his brothers, he’s the biggest survivor of them all and whatever situation he’s put in, he’s surely able to soldier through it. Without a doubt, Jason’s bravery and passion to live life along with his “fiery” attitude is something everyone in Gryffindor possesses. 

Damian (Slytherin)- Looking at his lineage, he grew up in a house of assassins and a house that’s one of richest and most prestigious in Gotham. Because of his training by Ra’s, Damian really has the prowess, the skill, and even the will to fight for a better world according to what he was indoctrinated in. Along with the skill, Damian has the wit to stay on top of his game and his adamant nature is something people wouldn’t want to be against. A trait that is heavily present within members of Slytherin.

Tim (Ravenclaw)- Tim is said to be the most intelligent among his brothers. He’s the most adept to detective work and he’s also a brilliant strategist. It is known that Ravenclaw students are the best of the best in the field of intellect and creativity. When he puts his mind to his work, his heart would also wouldn’t be left behind and whatever plan he creates, it’s guaranteed to succeed. Looking at the people he surrounds himself  with, he’s very very accepting and welcoming of numerous views and opinions.

Dick (Hufflepuff)- Undoubtedly, Dick is the heart of the batfamily. He’s the big brother everyone would love to have and wherever he goes, he establishes close ties with many others. He cherishes relationships and people also wouldn’t hesitate to reciprocate the love and effort he gives in relationships. Dick may love the feeling of flying but he keeps his feet planted firmly on the ground. His down-to-earth nature along with his patience, and loyalty truly makes him fitting for Hufflepuff.
And oh, since he loves to eat… And Huffies have the kitchen… Yeah. Do the math. (。・ω・。)

For more of my random headcanons, derp around in my HEADCANON TAG! Also, feel free to ask me stuff!

I hope whatever I placed makes sense! And aww anon, I’m glad you like listening to my super derpy and random headcanons. (●´□`)♡
And… I hope you guys like this! 

Jul 11 '14


"steph isn’t a part of the batfam cause bruce never adopted her" well he never adopted babs either it’s called the bat family not the wayne family sit the fuck down

I think of them as two separate entities.

The Wayne kids: Dick, Jason, Tim, Cass, and Damian.

The Batkids: Same as above, but adding Babs and Steph.

And then you have the extended Batfamily, which also includes Kate Kane, Helena Bertinelli, Azrael (take your pick which) and others.

Jul 10 '14

anon request on my rp blog, damien and dick.
hfff my cute poc robins


anon request on my rp blog, damien and dick.

hfff my cute poc robins

Jul 10 '14


One of my most proud moments, when I had the privilege of drawing Tim, Damian and Dick all together. Just missing Jason and Steph. 

Pencils by me

Inks by Ray McCarthy