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It's Only the End if You Want it to Be

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Sep 1 '14


THIS WAS ACTUALLY A LOT LONGER BUT I I cut out a whole chunk because every single slide was awful and no amount of cosmetic would fix it so I just lopped it off…. nonetheless I’m sorry for what I managed to finish as well. 

Aug 24 '14

All because they do not wish to see anyone else suffer the way they do. (x)

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Aug 11 '14


You know what you should do instead of just writing a woman who fights physically?

Aug 9 '14
Aug 1 '14


Cassandra Cain - 10 Years, 10 Covers

Here is a sampling of Cassandra’s cover appearances over the years. Other than being listed chronologically and including her two #1 issues, there’s no rhyme or reason beyond spreading the sample out among titles and time. Plus, there’s a wishful thinking cover that’s last in the set.

Posting Cass stuff this month has been really fun. Thanks for the many likes, reblogs and comments! I’m looking forward to more Cassandra Cain reading, posting and maybe some day her return to the DC world.

1999-07 Batman #567
2000-04 Batgirl v1 #1
2000-10 Ghost/Batgirl #2
2001-04 Superboy #85
2002-08 Batgirl Secret Files and Origins
2004-01 Batman City of Light #2
2008-08 Batman and the Outsiders #8
2008-09 Batgirl v2 #1 cover
2009-07 Batman Battle for the Cowl The Network
2014-07 Black Bat #1 fan art by Thomas Branch

Happy Cassandra Cain Appreciation Month!

Jul 30 '14

Bat Girl:
Stephanie Brown
Cassandra Cain
Barbara Gordon


Bat Girl:

Stephanie Brown

Cassandra Cain

Barbara Gordon

Jul 30 '14

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Jul 25 '14
toalwaysbeme replied to your post:
Okay but what if there were a Team Batgirl book with Oracle calling the shots and Black Bat and Batgirl out in the field (or Nightwing!Steph and Batgirl!Nell yesplease)… that started out as a question but now I just really want that

I’ve spoken about wanting a book like that in the past, actually! Even had conversations with other fans about who should be the theoretical writer/artist for the book. A lot of people tend to go with either Bryan Q. Miller or Gail Simone for writing, but my personal belief tends to be that Cass is a lot harder to get right as a character than Babs or Steph, so I’d rather have a writer who’s proven they can write her well, which neither Miller nor Simone has (and in fact, Miller’s treatment of Cass was pretty dang problematic, though I’m willing to believe there was editorial interference involved.)

My personal choice would be Dylan Horrocks, who had a quite good run on Cass’s Batgirl series and wrote some absolutely fantastic scenes between the three:




The choice of artist is less tricky as I can think of a bunch who’d do a great job… but as we were discussing the other day, Marcus To needs a project worthy of his talents, and he’s definitely shown he can draw all three of them fantastically:




So that would be my dream team for the book. :-) Dylan Horrocks as the writer, Marcus To on art.

Jul 23 '14


i’m undestanding this thing a little better

made with emofuri

Jul 23 '14


Happy Batman Day! How about a shout out to the Ladies of Gotham?

Batwoman / Huntress / The Adaptable Selina Kyle / The Million Dollar Debut of Batgirl by *mcguan


Jul 22 '14


No one is more excited about Batgirl’s new costume than Kara.
Original available hereMore BGSG comics




No one is more excited about Batgirl’s new costume than Kara.

Original available here
More BGSG comics


Jul 20 '14



From new Batgirl creative team, Cameron Stewart, Brenden Fletcher and Babs Tarr!

Preface:  I like this design.  I like it a lot.

Core Message:  What the heck is it doing on Barbara Gordon?

No, I’m serious here.  This is a fun outfit that was pieced together by a young woman without access to Bruce Wayne’s pocketbook.  I’ve grasped this, and I applaud that decision.  I’d like to point out that those padded motorcycle jackets do have a certain amount of weight that is not shown by this artist, but I really like the boots and a detachable cape makes a certain amount of sense.

It’s just … well, this looks like an outfit that Stephanie Brown or Carrie Kelley would have put together early in their costumed careers.  Even Harper Rowe is wearing more visibly protective gear than this, and that young lady has even less funding/training than Babs (not to mention the new take on Steph’s Spoiler in Batman Eternal).

No, I’ve got it—this outfit feels like Misfit.  This would be an awesome outfit to introduce Charlie Radcliffe-Gage as the determined mentoree that Barbara never asked for.


I suppose—in consideration of the five-year timeline of the reboot—Barbara probably started out in her late teens.  If the Batgirl book was going to go back in time to fill in that era, this could very well have been Babs’ first Batgirl costume—the one she made herself before nearly dying.  I’d probably read that.

(Future Oracle Post - My childhood memories of Batgirl!Babs were always coloured by my love of Dick Grayson and deep respect of Batman.  I didn’t warm up to Barbara until long after she became Oracle—a new take on those years would be fantastic.)

But as for who Babs is now?

I just think that this outfit looks young in a way that I don’t feel Barbara Gordon is—no matter how DC deages her (they’ve been inching backwards for decades).  This character survived an adolescence with a brother that she (rightfully) suspected of being a serial killer.  She’s the daughter/stepdaughter of high-profile law-enforcement.  Even if this kind of upbringing did not naturally result in a wise-beyond-her-years maturity, she survived the Joker’s personal attention and recovered from severe injury (honest, my thoughts and clear preference for Oracle will be another post entirely … someday).  She’s lost Dick Grayson and watched children die.

Given the trauma of the last year or so in comic book time, Barbara Gordon’s response could very well be to take a break from vigilante work … (I personally think that it would drive her to the isolation and distance of Oracle—the all-seeing commander of armies, but I’m biased) … however, the bright, fun, flirty, social take that the new creative team is selling?

I’m not buying it.  Figuratively.  Literally.  Both.  Nope.

That’s not Barbara Gordon.

Barbara can be bright.  She can be fun and she can have fun.  I think that she even likes to flirt outrageously although she’s selective on who she makes the effort to charm.  But I don’t see her being a social butterfly, fashion-friendly, or a casual detective or anything but an extremely distracted classmate that everyone respects, most like, but no one really knows … because Babs has a drive and a mission and our girl doesn’t have time for this.


Jul 20 '14

Robin-Dick trying to flirt with Batgirl-Barbara is too adorable.


Robin-Dick trying to flirt with Batgirl-Barbara is too adorable.

Jul 15 '14

I Love Batgirl’s New Concept: But It’s Three Years Too Late



I love Barabara Gordon’s new look and creative team. I also really hate it.

If you’ve followed my writing before you’ve probably become well aware I am very passionate about Batgirls. Why? I don’t even know exactly why, but the mantle of Batgirl and its many wearers strike me a certain way.  They mean something to me. So whenever something comes up regarding them, I tend to pay attention.


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Jul 15 '14


*hugs you* You wanna talk, bb?

I am just angry about Batgirl

the usual


It sucks, it truly does.

See, I honestly believe that this new team has nothing but the best of intentions. I truly, 100% do believe them. And I don’t blame them for the fact that DC used the reboot to de-age Babs and erase her disability and take the Batgirl mantle away from Steph and get rid of Cass.

But while they weren’t responsible for the original de-aging, there’s no denying that this revamp makes Babs seem even younger yet. I know, they say she’s 21. But on that cover for Batgirl #35? The cover they’ve chosen to represent what their new series is going to be all about? She looks about 14. I’ve been small and young-looking all my life, trust me. I know what a young-looking 21 looks like, and that is not a young-looking 21. That girl could be sixteen at the oldest. She looks barely pubescent.

And while the new costume is undeniably cute, I can’t help but feel it adds to the overall youthfulness. The high-top sneakers? The more casual vibe with the jacket and leggings? It’s a cool-looking redesign, no doubt about it, but it also makes her look more like a kid.

And there’s no reason a character can’t be youthful and empowered, but the fact that they chose to do it to THIS character, who had already been de-aged, who had already had so much of her maturity and authority taken away from her - THAT is problematic. And I do blame them for that.

I’m sure they didn’t realize the implications. I’m sure they intend to do nothing but write Babs as an awesome character with plenty of competence and agency, and I’m actually fairly sure that the series will, on its own merits, be perfectly fun and well-written.

But the series doesn’t exist in a vacuum, this revamp doesn’t exist in a vacuum, it exists in the larger context of Barbara’s character and her 47-year history. It exists in the larger context of the way Babs’ character growth has been undone and continues to be undone. 

DC took a lot of growth away from Babs when they made her Batgirl again. They also took away one of their only disabled superheroes (one of the only prominent disabled superheroes in comics). That was a mistake. I will always consider it a mistake. But at least they could give her character a chance to grow and regain some maturity. Instead, this revamp feels like her character is aging backwards.

And good intentions aside, that bothers me.