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It's Only the End if You Want it to Be

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May 22 '12

I’m sorry, I sorry.

Am I the only one who… really doesn’t like this?

Gatsby looks like a serial killer here. I mean, a big part of Gatsby’s character (IMO) is supposed to be that he’s young and stupid and infatuated, and he builds up this whole fantasy around Daisy because he has this huge misconception about what love really is.

And when he’s with Daisy, you should see that, I think. I get that they were going for all of the conflicted emotions in this scene, which is good, but I guess I’m not really seeing the right emotions? I’m not seeing the misguided hope or the adoration. He just sort of looks hurt, or like he wants to stab her. Granted, I spent the majority of The Great Gatsby wanting to stab Daisy, but I’m pretty sure Gatsby isn’t actually supposed to share the sentiment.

(Source: vampireken)