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It's Only the End if You Want it to Be

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Aug 28 '14

Dick Grayson + Tropes

Aug 13 '14



~Take a journey through my universe My love’s the softest place on Earth~

"Sensation Comics Featuring Wonder Woman" #1 cover by Phil Jimenez.


Aug 4 '14


DC Fancast // Alexandra Daddario as Wondergirl/Troia/Donna Troy *

Jul 30 '14

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Jul 24 '14



Jul 13 '14

Tentative Titans (not Teen Titans but young-adult Titans) fan cast so far:

Freida Pinto as Raven, Alexandra Daddario as Donna, Amadeus Lundberg as Dick and Kali Hawk as Kory.

Jul 10 '14

Casting thought of the night: Alexandra Daddario as Donna Troy?


Jan 26 '14

Oct 15 '13

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Sep 8 '13

This post is beautiful. Thank you so much, Sara. :-)

Sep 1 '13

WonderStar photoset for toalwaysbeme.

Aug 28 '13

Made some more icons. Everyone feel free to use!

Aug 26 '13

Kory in New Teen Titans: Games.

Beautiful art by George Perez.

Aug 2 '13



From Tales of the Teen Titans #53 (May 1985)

Doubles tennis.

Say what you like about Terry, he’s playing alongside an Amazon, and against one of the world’s foremost physical specimens AND a graduate of the Warlords of Okaara…. and he’s still giving it his all.

I still have no idea how Donna and Terry won this match. I mean, on the barest level, the teams are even - one superpowered woman and one human man on each side. But even though Kory and Donna have similar superpowers and warrior training, it’s established that Kory usually beats Donna when they spar:

And Dick and Terry are both non-powered humans, but Dick’s been a professional athlete his entire life and has been trained by Batman since he was eight or ten years old. And Terry is… a college professor.

So, with all the respect in the world… how exactly did Terry and Donna manage to win this thing, again?

Jul 30 '13

In my opinion, other than George Perez (top left), the only other artists who can really get the NTT-era Titans right are Eduardo Barreto (top right) and Phil Jimenez (bottom).