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It's Only the End if You Want it to Be

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Jul 6 '14
Jun 29 '14
Dec 25 '13
Oct 1 '13

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Oct 1 '13

How cute is Mulan?!

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Jul 20 '13


This was just the most perfect ending to that movie.

TBH, Daily Planet Shenanigans are one of the things I most want to see in the sequel. I’d take DP interactions over more punching scenes any day of the week.

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May 23 '13
Apr 29 '13
This scene is Automatic Reblog for me. Every time it shows up on my dash. Watch me not even care.
Dick Grayson lets the people he saves hug him for half an hour. And I don’t doubt for a second that he’d let them hug him even longer if they needed it. As long as it takes until he’s sure they’re ok, not just physically but also emotionally.
I mean, would anyone blame him if he was just like “Okay, good, you’re alive, gotta go save someone else now” or whatever? By any standards, this boy leads a pretty busy life. And saving these people’s lives would be enough for most people.
But nope. Not Dick. No, he’s gonna stay there and let these guys hug him until he’s sure they’re okay. Bless.
This is why he’s my favorite, okay?

Apr 19 '13

You know what I love the most about this scene?

Clark’s smile as he’s listening to Lois talk. Especially that sixth gif: look at that.

He already knows her story, of course. But that doesn’t matter: He’s just utterly happy to sit there and listen to her talk, and soak in her enthusiasm and her attitude and her total Lois-ness, and you almost feel like it wouldn’t matter what she was talking about, if it was important to her then Clark would like nothing better than to stay there and listen to her tell him about it all day.

Now that, my friends, is a man who is truly in love. <3

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Apr 19 '13

This scene just just so beautiful and timeless. <3

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Apr 5 '13



The way Lois hugs him and they fall over… I CANT HANDLE IT! Such a nice moment:’)

This NEVER gets old.  I wish we had a Superman, a superhero, who was willing to emotionally risk in the new 52.

^ Completely agreed. Ultimately, Clark’s decision to tell Lois the truth was a sign of the fact that he respected her and trusted her, and that being with her was important enough to him that any potential risk was worth it. That’s what made him revealing his identity to her such a huge moment - on this show, and in the comics.

I still remember watching this scene when the episode first came out. I was just barely getting into comics then (thanks to this show), and I thought it was one of the most romantic things I’ve ever seen. I still think so.

And I really wish we could see this again in the New 52 as well.

Mar 10 '13



Epic shizzle.


this is the luke I am in love with  the badass back in black luke SWOON 

Legit one of my favorite moments in anything ever.

Literally Luke’s entire character arc is leading up to this moment, and I love that it’s a moment not of aggression or darkness, but of light. That is so inspiring.

Such endless love for this movie. And this character. And this scene.

Just LOVE. <3

Mar 5 '13



- Detective Comics 838, The Ressurection of Ra’s al Ghul

Part nine.

Alfred, you are my hero!

Gosh, I love this scene so much. One of my very favorites ever. Like, I love so many things about it.

- I love that Alfred’s only comment at being surrounded by sword-wielding ninjas is a disapproving “My word!” He really is unflappable. And also adorbs.

- I love Dick taking out all the ninjas in like five seconds flat, and making it look effortless. And his snarky running commentary throughout (“mindless lackey skills”, ROFL. That’s the Dick I love). See, writers? He can have skills that rival those of the Bat and a sense of humor! Please take note.

- I love how completely pleasant Alfred is, even after Ubu grabs him. Doesn’t matter that this guy is threatening to snap his neck, he’s Alfred Freaking Pennyworth, and manners are manners, darn it.

- AND THEN. THE CROWNING GLORY OF THIS SCENE. When Alfred completely freaking OWNS Ubu, who is easily twice his size and trained by Ra’s al Ghul, because he’s ALFRED FREAKING PENNYWORTH, and Alfred Freaking Pennyworth is nobody’s hostage. HOW ARE YOU EVEN SO AWESOME, ALFRED. I cannot.

- And then Dick and Alfred’s exchange at the end, which is pretty much the best, cutest, most awesome thing ever. And of course Alfred just dismisses this whole thing as “All part of the service”. He totally takes out trained assassins every day, nbd. ALFRED, YOU ARE ACTUALLY PERFECT.

I felt this needed to be reblogged again.

Fave scene ever. <3

Mar 4 '13

Classic moment. :-)

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Feb 17 '13

Watched The Empire Strikes Back last night with some friends. And got so into it that then we watched Return of the Jedi as well just for the heck of it. (RotJ still remains far and away my favorite.)

It was great fun, except that one of said friends felt the need to continually make belittling comments about Luke Skywalker. Like, dude- I get it, you like alpha males, you have a major thing for Han Solo, that’s all fine. (I love Han, too- I love all of the original Trio.)

But you do not knock my bb Luke Skywalker.

Can we all just take a minute here to appreciate the fact that he is still trying to reason with the man who cut off his freaking hand in this scene?

The man who cut off his hand and had his sister tortured and has pretty much done nothing but act like an unapologetically awful person throughout the entire three movies, and Luke still thinks he’s a good person underneath it all. He still thinks it’s worth the effort to willingly give himself up in an attempt to save his father.

And it freaking works.

Seriously, how many characters have that kind of incredible faith in human* goodness? How many people would not just have given up on Darth Vader as a lost cause?

Nobody bad-mouths Luke Skywalker around me, okay. Not unless you want one heck of a fan-rant.

*I use the term loosely, obviously, given that this is a Sci-Fi universe with many sentient alien species.