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It's Only the End if You Want it to Be

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May 4 '12

Feminism isn’t to empower the female, it is to empower femininity as a social ideal/role/archetype. Feminism is to empower the male to have feminine traits, to allow a society that gives the male (and the female) allowance and respect to be feminine, because femininity is not BAD. It is not shameful.

I think the biggest issue is that too many people see feminism as a way to empower the female with masculinity, and masculinity only.
Masculinity has too long been seen as the “better” or the “default,” and because it is seen as the only way for men to be, the “encroachment of strong women” is creating a bad knee-jerk reaction.

Feminism aims for gender equality by first lifting femininity to a status that is equal to masculinity. By allowing men and women to experience it in full. Because it’s not a lesser thing.


My friend’s commentary on Feminism (via faith-in-filth)

Fabulous quote.

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