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It's Only the End if You Want it to Be

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Aug 24 '14


so I hadn’t seen a Star Wars one of these yet…

Jul 23 '14

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Mar 12 '14

I’m out of it for a little while, everyone gets delusions of grandeur.

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Sep 8 '13


Bruce Timm ~ Star Wars!

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May 29 '13

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Apr 29 '13


Sassy Han appreciation post.

Harrison Ford’s facial expressions are one of the things that made the original Star Wars trilogy so great, I firmly believe this. ;-)

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Jan 28 '13


Alec Guiness doesnt look he is enjoying himself.

Haha, he definitely does not.

Supposedly, Alec Guiness wrote to a friend that Mark Hamill and Harrison Ford “make me feel ninety - and treat me as if I was 106.”

I think we are rather seeing that dynamic at play here. xD

Also, Mark H. and Harrison F. are seriously too cute for their own good. ;-)

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Jan 3 '13



★ Favorite Friendships in no particular order - #4 Luke, Han and Leia (Star Wars)
@ gifs by the awesome [skywalkerss] ← follow!


OH MY GOSH, my heart.

The PRECIOUS. The precious is just off the charts. I sound like Gollum. I DON’T CARE. PRECIOUSSSSSSS.

Look at them, all adorable and smiley and hug-y. *loves them to death*

SO MUCH LOVE. Definitely one of my favorite Trios ever.

I need to bring this back.

Because it remains the absolute cutest scene ever, okay.

And it puts a smile on my face even when I’m in the worst mood.

You know… I think what’s the most appealing thing to me about fantasy stories is that when you strip them down to their essence, they’re really stories about love. Yes, they’re about Good vs. Evil - but one of the primary things that distinguishes Good from Evil is the capacity to love selflessly. And I think that’s why you tend to see fantasy stories centered around these really powerful friendships - Luke, Han, and Leia; Frodo and Sam; Harry, Ron and Hermione. It’s the same message at heart. It’s that ability to love someone so much that you’d sacrifice anything for them, stand by them no matter what life brings, and above all, put their needs above your own even when it hurts - that ability is the most essentially Good power in the world.

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Sep 4 '12

Have I ever mentioned that Han Solo’s snark is one of my very favorite things in this world?

Han’s snark, and Luke/Han’s friendship. Both the absolute BEST. <3

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Aug 20 '12

This just in: Han Solo’s facial expressions are the actual best thing.

Never change, bb.

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Jun 6 '12


LOL Aliza!

Oh gosh, this scene is my absolute favorite. They are just the best. THE BEST, I say. <3

May 11 '12

#THIS IS MY FAVORITE SCENE #han solo #precious baby

^ Totally one of my favorite scenes, too. OMG Han, you crack me up so much. XD

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May 4 '12

It’s May the Fourth, you guys! You know what that means… time for Star Wars!

My babies are all so PRETTY.

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Feb 7 '12



They are all so awesome *sobs* 
Ben looks a bit like the Bieber here but that doesn’t matter because I LOVE THEM ALL OKAY. 

Love the Skywalkers! Without a doubt one of the most awesome families EVER.

And OMG, you’re right, Ben does look like the Bieb here. I’m never going to be able to unsee that now.

Jan 31 '12

And then he shoots the thing and says “Boring conversation anyway”

I LOVE this scene. Classic Han Solo, right there.

"How are you?” ROTFL. Oh, Han.