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It's Only the End if You Want it to Be

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Sep 4 '14


Killian Jones vs Real World

Aug 1 '14


I’m sorry, Emma. For everything. Me too.

Jul 19 '14

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Jul 14 '14

favourite character meme | three relationships [1/3]

Jul 6 '14

"I don’t feel like a hero or a saviour. I just feel like what I’ve always been: an orphan.

"…you were an orphan. It’s my job to change that.”

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Jul 2 '14

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Mar 24 '14
Sep 30 '13




I am uncomfortable with two things and two things only in the OUaT fandom right now:

  1. The number of people shipping Henry and Peter
  2. The number of people professing to be attracted to Peter the 13 year old boy

i dunno, they seem similar ages

and if the people attracted to 13 year old peter are a similar age then let them have fun.

the reason I have issue with the shipping is cus pan is an ass

That’s why I have issues with them shipping him with Henry, as far as that’s concerned age has nothing to do with it. He’s a scary, manipulative sociopath, and the leader of a cult.

I’m just HOPING people attracted to him are younger than 15, I mean, YIKES.

To be fair, the actor playing Peter is 18, which makes the range of acceptable crushing at least a bit wider.

As for the shipping, they’re probably hoping that Henry will be his little Morality Pet since, y’know, he’s not already playing that role enough for Regina. Probably if Peter keeps doing awful things it’ll somehow be Henry’s fault for not being a good little doormat and unconditionally forgiving everything. /sarcasm mode activated to infinity/

Sep 23 '13

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Sep 8 '13
season 1 vs. season 2

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Aug 31 '13


emma and henry + hugs

Apr 28 '13



Regina’s situation is actually really sad… She has absolutely nobody to talk to, so she goes to her son, who gets mad, so she has to wipe his memory. Another reason I cant like Henry.


As long as I had any value for human life, anyway.

LOL some people in this fandom. I can’t even. And I KNEW they would somehow make this into Henry’s fault. I freakin’ knew, because they always do. No matter how horrible Regina’s behavior is, it is always Henry’s fault for not unconditionally adoring everything she does.

Like, literally, the conversation went like this:

Regina: Hey, Henry!

Henry: Hey…

Regina: Would you like it if we could go back to the Enchanted Kingdom and be together and I’ll be a hero?

Henry: Yeah! That would be awesome!

Regina: Great! I’ll just kill everyone else in this entire freakin’ town and then we’re gonna be so happy together!

Henry: … Yeah, not so much.

I’m sorry, how would you have liked him to react? Seriously. Please enlighten me on this. What would have considered a reasonable reaction on Henry’s part to Regina suggesting that she would kill everyone in Storybrooke to get them their “new start”?

Was he just supposed to say “Sure, let’s do it, I didn’t like those losers anyway”?

I just-


WHERE IS THE LOGIC?!!??!?!?!?!?




Mar 18 '13


why are people yelling at henry for not hugging regina

she doesn’t deserve a hug for not using a spell to force him to love her sry


Seriously, beyond done with this. I give Regina credit for trying, I really do. But she’s given Henry EVERY reason to distrust her. He continues to believe in her and give her second chances, which is quite generous enough on his part. She doesn’t get some kind of parenting award for realizing at the last freaking second that using mind-control on her child MIGHT not be the best idea.

Feb 18 '13

You know what kills me about this scene, though?

Henry’s utter lack of enthusiasm.

Remember when Henry met Emma back in the pilot episode? He just barged right into her life: “My name’s Henry! I’m your son! You’re coming home to Storybrooke with me! By the way, do you have any juice?” He just instantly wanted to be close with her and have her be part of his life.

I’m not seeing that at all with Neal here. Yeah, Henry wants to meet him, because Neal is his father and he’s curious. But Henry’s kind of holding him at arm’s length. When he first starts talking, he’s not even looking at Neal. He just sounds sad and disappointed throughout the whole scene. And when Neal tries to put his arm around him, Henry doesn’t move closer or reciprocate the gesture. (Compare with him constantly trying to hug Emma in Season 1).

I think people underestimate just how much it changes a kid to feel like they can’t trust the adults around them. Henry was raised by a mother who not only continually lied to him but tried to make him believe he was crazy (and I cannot state enough how much something like that would mess with a kid’s - or any person’s - head). I think part of the reason he was so emphatic about accepting Emma into his life is that, like he says to her in this episode, he thought she’d be different. That he could finally have a parent that he could trust. Even when he didn’t really know her yet, Henry was willing to give Emma a chance because he’d projected all of his hopes onto her.

I think finding out that Emma lied to him about something so huge in this episode changed something in Henry’s mind. He’s done believing he can ever have a parental figure he can really put his trust in. So when you see him meet Neal, there are these walls up that weren’t there when he met Emma. He’s interested to meet his father and I’m sure he’s going to give Neal a chance, but I think part of Henry doesn’t believe Neal is going to be any different, either.

And so we go from this:

to the much more subdued reaction we see above. The excitement isn’t there, it’s just like “Oh, great, another parental figure who might tend up letting me down.”

Feb 11 '13


Remember that Once Upon A Time episode where Henry was really excited that two kids were talking to him and he thought he might actually make some friends but they ended up just using him to rob a drug store and he was so upset?


Henry’s life is the actual worst.