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It's Only the End if You Want it to Be

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Mar 24 '14
Sep 30 '13




I am uncomfortable with two things and two things only in the OUaT fandom right now:

  1. The number of people shipping Henry and Peter
  2. The number of people professing to be attracted to Peter the 13 year old boy

i dunno, they seem similar ages

and if the people attracted to 13 year old peter are a similar age then let them have fun.

the reason I have issue with the shipping is cus pan is an ass

That’s why I have issues with them shipping him with Henry, as far as that’s concerned age has nothing to do with it. He’s a scary, manipulative sociopath, and the leader of a cult.

I’m just HOPING people attracted to him are younger than 15, I mean, YIKES.

To be fair, the actor playing Peter is 18, which makes the range of acceptable crushing at least a bit wider.

As for the shipping, they’re probably hoping that Henry will be his little Morality Pet since, y’know, he’s not already playing that role enough for Regina. Probably if Peter keeps doing awful things it’ll somehow be Henry’s fault for not being a good little doormat and unconditionally forgiving everything. /sarcasm mode activated to infinity/

Sep 23 '13

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Sep 8 '13
season 1 vs. season 2

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Aug 31 '13


emma and henry + hugs

Apr 28 '13



Regina’s situation is actually really sad… She has absolutely nobody to talk to, so she goes to her son, who gets mad, so she has to wipe his memory. Another reason I cant like Henry.


As long as I had any value for human life, anyway.

LOL some people in this fandom. I can’t even. And I KNEW they would somehow make this into Henry’s fault. I freakin’ knew, because they always do. No matter how horrible Regina’s behavior is, it is always Henry’s fault for not unconditionally adoring everything she does.

Like, literally, the conversation went like this:

Regina: Hey, Henry!

Henry: Hey…

Regina: Would you like it if we could go back to the Enchanted Kingdom and be together and I’ll be a hero?

Henry: Yeah! That would be awesome!

Regina: Great! I’ll just kill everyone else in this entire freakin’ town and then we’re gonna be so happy together!

Henry: … Yeah, not so much.

I’m sorry, how would you have liked him to react? Seriously. Please enlighten me on this. What would have considered a reasonable reaction on Henry’s part to Regina suggesting that she would kill everyone in Storybrooke to get them their “new start”?

Was he just supposed to say “Sure, let’s do it, I didn’t like those losers anyway”?

I just-


WHERE IS THE LOGIC?!!??!?!?!?!?




Mar 18 '13


why are people yelling at henry for not hugging regina

she doesn’t deserve a hug for not using a spell to force him to love her sry


Seriously, beyond done with this. I give Regina credit for trying, I really do. But she’s given Henry EVERY reason to distrust her. He continues to believe in her and give her second chances, which is quite generous enough on his part. She doesn’t get some kind of parenting award for realizing at the last freaking second that using mind-control on her child MIGHT not be the best idea.

Feb 18 '13

You know what kills me about this scene, though?

Henry’s utter lack of enthusiasm.

Remember when Henry met Emma back in the pilot episode? He just barged right into her life: “My name’s Henry! I’m your son! You’re coming home to Storybrooke with me! By the way, do you have any juice?” He just instantly wanted to be close with her and have her be part of his life.

I’m not seeing that at all with Neal here. Yeah, Henry wants to meet him, because Neal is his father and he’s curious. But Henry’s kind of holding him at arm’s length. When he first starts talking, he’s not even looking at Neal. He just sounds sad and disappointed throughout the whole scene. And when Neal tries to put his arm around him, Henry doesn’t move closer or reciprocate the gesture. (Compare with him constantly trying to hug Emma in Season 1).

I think people underestimate just how much it changes a kid to feel like they can’t trust the adults around them. Henry was raised by a mother who not only continually lied to him but tried to make him believe he was crazy (and I cannot state enough how much something like that would mess with a kid’s - or any person’s - head). I think part of the reason he was so emphatic about accepting Emma into his life is that, like he says to her in this episode, he thought she’d be different. That he could finally have a parent that he could trust. Even when he didn’t really know her yet, Henry was willing to give Emma a chance because he’d projected all of his hopes onto her.

I think finding out that Emma lied to him about something so huge in this episode changed something in Henry’s mind. He’s done believing he can ever have a parental figure he can really put his trust in. So when you see him meet Neal, there are these walls up that weren’t there when he met Emma. He’s interested to meet his father and I’m sure he’s going to give Neal a chance, but I think part of Henry doesn’t believe Neal is going to be any different, either.

And so we go from this:

to the much more subdued reaction we see above. The excitement isn’t there, it’s just like “Oh, great, another parental figure who might tend up letting me down.”

Feb 11 '13


Remember that Once Upon A Time episode where Henry was really excited that two kids were talking to him and he thought he might actually make some friends but they ended up just using him to rob a drug store and he was so upset?


Henry’s life is the actual worst.

Jan 8 '13


I am trying to be a better mother.

I love them, I really do. I love them so much.

It does bug me that so much of the OUaT fandom seems to blame Henry for not loving Regina enough, or something, though.

Here’s the thing: As someone who has a LOT of dysfunctional parent-child relationships in my family, I understand what Henry’s feeling here. The problem isn’t that Henry doesn’t love Regina. The problem is that Henry doesn’t trust Regina.

And how can you blame him for that? Henry knows what Regina’s capable of. Remember how shaken he was after she killed Graham? How he was desperately telling Emma to just forget about the curse entirely so she’d be safe? It’s scary to live with a parent you can’t feel safe with. And knowing your parent would murder innocent people just because they upset her or got in her way? Yeah, I imagine (thankfully, I do not know) that would be really freaking scary. Even for an adult, let alone a child as young as Henry.

Not to mention that Regina has hurt Henry himself in the past when it was what her agenda needed. Pretending not to take him seriously about the curse would’ve been one thing, but telling him he was crazy? Literally trying to make him doubt his own sanity? That is just horrible. God only knows how much Henry was messed up by her doing that.

The point is, if Henry is distancing himself from Regina a bit emotionally, that is natural. She’s genuinely trying to do better now, and I love her for that. Truly, there is nothing I’d like to see more than for Regina to put the past behind her and for Henry to have a loving relationship with both of his Moms. But expecting Henry to immediately fall into her arms just because she claims to have changed is unfair. She’s abused his trust too much for that. She’s really trying now. And Henry is trying, too: He’s giving her the benefit of the doubt. He’s trying to believe in her, and she’s trying to live up to that belief. But it’s not going to be an immediate thing. It’s going to take time for Regina to win Henry’s trust back.

I’m sorry for ranting a bit here, and hijacking this lovely gifset, but once I started talking about Henry and Regina, I just really needed to get that off my chest. Because I really do love these two, and I want to see things work out for them. I want them to be happy together. But expecting Henry to not have any trust issues with Regina after everything she’s done is just unrealistic, and unfair to Henry.

Apr 30 '12


Was anyone else just not okay with this at all?

I mean, Emma, I know you’re the protagonist and we’re obligated to root for you…

But I think this is called abduction…

I think it was a mistake, absolutely. She’s kidnapping Henry from his legal guardian and that’s NOT the answer here.

But with that said, I think Emma is just trying to protect Henry. She doesn’t believe in the curse or that Regina is actually a murderer, but she definitely knows that something creepy is up in Storybrooke and that Regina is an amoral person who won’t hesitate to hurt innocent people to achieve her goals. I can’t completely blame her for wanting to get Henry away from all that. She’s being really, really stupid and wrong in the way she’s going about it, but her intentions are coming from the right place.

AFHLJKLJFD this episode just gave me all the Emma/Henry feels. I love how far their relationship has come since she first met him. I love how badly she wants to protect him and that she’s finally ready to take responsibility as his mother. Kidnapping him is a bit crazy, yes, and I don’t approve of it. But I think Emma is just desperately trying to protect her kid any way she knows how.

Feb 6 '12


Jared and Jennifer

Your adorableness worried me, little child. I feel like these adorable powers of cuteness can be used for great evil.

So, I’ve made it clear that I love Henry and Emma, right?
Just checking.



Jared and Jennifer

Your adorableness worried me, little child. I feel like these adorable powers of cuteness can be used for great evil.

So, I’ve made it clear that I love Henry and Emma, right?

Just checking.

Jan 30 '12

mischievous-acrobats asked:

Once Upon A Time (also- you like General Hospital???????????? Go ahead and include that with this one! I'm curious to see your answer on that one ;D)

Wow, you’re the first one of my followers to actually respond to one of these! I’m ridiculously excited, LOL.

Okay, here goes:

Once Upon a Time:

Favorite character: Emma. She’s tough, honest, and complex, and she has a really warm heart underneath it all. I love the way she doesn’t hesitate for a second to stand up for what she thinks is right, and I love the way her character is progressing, letting her walls down and forming bonds with Henry and Mary Margaret. She’s a really great protagonist, IMO. I also love Snow White and Henry.

Character I would date (LOL yes, I did change this question slightly): I would have to say that, so far, there isn’t a guy on the show who I would date. David/Charming is the obvious choice, but considering the way he’s treating Kathryn… no. I wouldn’t date him.

Character I would be good friends with: I can easily see myself being pals with Mary Margaret. We’re both empathetic, imaginative, and rather insecure at times. We also both love kids. I can also see myself being friends with Emma.

Least favorite character: After tonight’s episode, I would say probably Sydney Glass/the genie. Are we supposed to feel some sort of sympathy for him? Because he murdered Snow’s father in cold blood. I don’t care if he did it for love, that’s evil. He’s every bit as evil as Regina or Mr. Gold, IMO. If he’s going to be a villain, that’s fine, but don’t go trying to convince me he’s one of the good guys. I also thought Cinderella seemed shallow and materialistic (more in the fairytale world than in Storybrooke), so I’m glad she hasn’t been back.

Favorite episode: I think The Heart is a Lonely Hunter was amazing. It was incredibly emotional and I was truly surprised by the twists - both Graham’s death, and Regina revealing that she still had some of her powers, as well as her memories of the fairytale world. That was an episode that packed a real punch, and left me wanting more.

Favorite season: Well, we’re only in Season 1, so this doesn’t really apply.

Favorite relationship: Rather than choosing a romantic ship, I’m going to go with Emma and Henry’s relationship here. I think it’s really interesting watching that relationship develop. Emma is so unused to being a mom, and she’s scared, both of getting attached, and of the fact that suddenly there’s this little person who’s looking up to her and trusting her to make things right. That’s a huge responsibility, and she wants to live up to the way he sees her, but she’s always worried that she’ll let him down. From Henry’s point of view, he idolizes Emma and thinks she’s his hero who’s going to save everything, but deep down, he also has trouble trusting her because he feels like she abandoned him. As much as he can rationally understand why she made that choice, I think part of him is still secretly convinced that she gave him up because he wasn’t good enough, and so he’s constantly waiting for the other shoe to drop, for her to decide she’s had enough and leave him again. So there’s a lot that’s really interesting and complex in that relationship, and a lot of potential for growth. Plus, I think their scenes together are always adorable!

Least favorite relationship: Regina and Graham’s, easy. I mean, it should be obvious why.

General Hospital:

Okay, first of all, a disclaimer: I do not like this show. It used to be my guilty pleasure, and now it’s not even that, because it got so bad that I just couldn’t stand watching it anymore. Not even in a love-to-hate kind of way. Just wanted to make that clear, just so you don’t go thinking I have no taste. XD

Okay, that said:

Favorite character: I absolutely LOVE Robin Scorpio. She’s one of the few soap opera characters I would actually consider a role model. I think she’s intelligent, classy, courageous, loyal… basically, I think she’s amazing. I love that unlike so many soap women, she actually has a career that she loves and that allows her to help people - AND, she earned her success through her own brains and dedication, not because she inherited a fortune, married a rich husband, or took part in organized crime. I love that not only has she NEVER cheated on anyone she was with (or been with someone who was married/unavailable), she’s only been in three relationships in the entire time she was on the show - and each time, she was in a committed relationship based on true love, support, and respect. I mean, how many soap characters can say THAT? I love the way she never asks for special treatment because of her HIV status, but managed to overcome it and create a wonderful life for herself - I think she’s such an inspiration because of that. I love that she’s not all about petty catfights or rivalries with other women. I love how, without ever lowering herself to her opponent’s level, she’s still probably one of the strongest women on the show - if you threaten her or someone she loves, you’d better be prepared for a surprise, because this woman has a core of steel. Plus, I think her history on the show is amazing. It’s so cool that she started in the 80’s when she was just a little girl, and was allowed to grow up naturally onscreen, without them ever recasting the actress. I could go on and on, but basically I LOVE HER!!!!

Character I would date: Mac is probably the closest to what I’d be looking for in real life. He’s kind, honorable, trustworthy, reliable, and an amazing dad. Dante would be my #2. I would have said Patrick once, but he loses points for the whole cheating-on-Robin-with-Lisa thing.

Character I would be good friends with: Probably Lulu. I don’t know, for some reason I just find her really relatable. But, of course, Robin too. And Spinelli and I would probably have fun being nerds together. Back in the day, I would’ve said Georgie Jones.

Least favorite character: I absolutely loathe Sonny. I hate the way he thinks he has the right to play god and decide who “deserves” to die. He tries to murder good guys like Dante or Jax, and then he has the audacity to try to act like they were the ones in the wrong, even though their “crimes” were absolutely nothing compared to what he does. He acts like he cares about his family soooo much, and yet he refuses to acknowledge how much he has hurt and continues to hurt those closest to him. He acts like an immature child who throws tantrums when he doesn’t get his way, and those “tantrums” can range from breaking glassware to literally killing people (or trying to, anyway). I also think he’s totally sexist and the way he treats women as “challenges” is disgusting. The only woman he truly respects is Carly. I hate watching women fall for his “charm” over and over again, because I see nothing charming about him, and the way he uses and then discards them is just horrible.

Favorite episode: This is going waaaay back (and it’s really more favorite scenes than an entire episode) but, Liz and Lucky’s Valentine’s Day vows from 1999. Seriously, if you weren’t watching back then, go watch them. THAT is the kind of real romance that soap operas should be all about!

Favorite season: Well, I don’t know if you can talk about “seasons” with a soap opera, but I think the late 90’s were GH’s glory days (I wasn’t really watching back then but I’ve watched a ton of scenes on YouTube). And the last time I thought the show was in a really good place was sometime around 2005 (though there are things which happened after that which I liked).

Favorite relationship: Liz/Lucky. I know, I know, but I can’t help it - their original love story was amazing. They were best friends first and supported each other through some of the worst times of their lives. They understood each other so well that they could practically finish each other’s sentences, and they were always able to confide in each other and find trust, love, and respect. They were each other’s safe place and the one person they could always be themselves around. And… of course, the show did its best to completely destroy that over the years. *haaate* But I can’t help it, I watch old scenes and I just wish they could get back to they way they used to be. Because they were absolutely magical together, there’s no other word. It doesn’t hurt that Jonathan Jackson and Rebecca Herbst still have such amazing chemistry together, on top of their incredible combined talent. I also love Robin/Patrick and Lulu/Dante. Used to be a big Jason/Sam fan but not as much now.

Non-romantically, I love the family relationship between the Davis girls, Lulu and Maxie’s friendship, and the sibling relationship between Lulu and Lucky (before the show totally destroyed that too), among many others.

Least favorite relationship: So, so many. But my all-time worst was probably Nik/Courtney. It just made no SENSE, and… ewwww. I just couldn’t stand them. Sonny and all his flings with the latest Woman of the Moment. Alexis/Jerry (I’m sorry, he was NOT a charming bad-boy, he was a freaking PSYCHO… he killed Alan, shot Robin just to make a point, threatened Alexis’s own daughter… hated that the show tried to gloss over that). Nik/Liz (double ewwww). The list goes on.

Okay, I probably wrote waaaay more for that than I needed to, but there it is. Hope you found at least some of that interesting! ;-)

(I also realized that you guys have no way of knowing what other fandoms I’m into, so I made a list of my fandoms in the “About Me” section so that you guys will know which fandoms I’m familiar with for the next time I do one of these things. Although I’m into a lot of less-well-known books/shows/movies as well, so don’t hesitate to ask about a fandom just because it’s not listed there.)

Dec 27 '11
believing in even the possibility of a happy ending is a very powerful thing.

Oh, my gosh, the squeeeee.

They are quickly becoming one of my favorite families EVER. (I mean, not on the level of the Halliwells, or the Spencers, or the Batfamily… but up there.)

Emma and Henry are just <3

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Dec 12 '11



LOVE henry! haha

He’s too adorable

Seriously, I do not care if half the OUAT fandom hates him. I love Henry and I think he is absolutely precious. <3

I mean really… how do you NOT love that kid? Look at that adorable face he’s making in the third gif. SO CUTE.

Also, LOL to Graham having kissed both of Henry’s moms.

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