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Jul 14 '14

favourite character meme | three relationships [1/3]

Jul 6 '14

"I don’t feel like a hero or a saviour. I just feel like what I’ve always been: an orphan.

"…you were an orphan. It’s my job to change that.”

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Jun 29 '14
Mar 23 '14

luanna255 asked:

Question for you... have Bruce and Selina ever had a canon hug? Like in the mainverse comics, I mean? Because the only ones that really come to mind are from JLA: The Nail (which was an Elseworld) and a few times in Selina's dreams/imagination. It seems kind of ridiculous to me that there WOULDN'T be a canon moment like that - I know Bruce doesn't have a reputation as Mr. Hugs, and he's not, but he HAS been known to hug the people he's closest to now and then, and I'd count Selina in that group.


Happy to report that yes indeed, they have had a few canon hugs (though canon is a loose term these days!); however, none that I know of in the current DCU, or at least none that I would classify as a hug. 

These are a few I’ve got ( I haven’t included kissy clinches, of which there are many!). Sadly, these hugs were mostly from a long time ago, but it’s all we’ve got. :-/


Pre-Crisis, Batman #355


Batman: The Long Halloween


Batman: Hush – Is this a hug or a full body clinch?


Catwoman v3 #13 (I count this as a semi-hug, because geebus look at the palpable intimacy in those hands)

Just noticed you’d replied to this! Thanks SO much for taking the time to answer. :-)

Mar 12 '14

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Mar 5 '14
Mar 4 '14


they keep showing us footage of this amazing thing happening

Mar 3 '14
Jan 26 '14

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Jan 26 '14

Dec 5 '13
Oct 15 '13

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Sep 25 '13

Birthday present for Rachel, aka buttercupbearqueen (because I won’t be around for your actual birthday tomorrow.) I really hope you like it, dear! <3

Just please know how much you are loved and valued, as the wonderful friend and person that you are. I hope you have an amazing day! :-)

(And if you want to know your real present… *drops voice to a whisper* Sometimes I’m almost tempted to ship these two myself. There, I said it. xD)

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Sep 17 '13

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Sep 16 '13


Hugs all around, everyone.