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It's Only the End if You Want it to Be

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Jun 12 '12
Awww. I didn’t know they had any history, that’s cute!

Jason and Donna actually have some very interesting history together!

Literally the first words he spoke in canon (this still being the pre-Crisis Jason) were about her:

That will never not be cool to me. XD

And then they had some more substantial interaction back when Jason briefly joined the Teen Titans in his Robin days:

Cuties. <3

Jun 12 '12

prince0fcupsandroses asked:

Do you have any non-canon ships for DC? What are they?

I’ll be honest, I’m by and large a VERY canon shipper. But there is one non-canon DC pairing I kind of ship, and that is Jason Todd/Donna Troy.

They’re actually a very unlikely couple for me to ship in many ways, because I tend to ship very healthy, functional pairings, and I can’t imagine any pairing involving Jason Todd would be all sweetness and light, to say the least. And a big part of me can’t help but think Donna deserves better than to be with Jason’s dysfunction (it’s not that I think Jason is evil or anything… I think he’s essentially a well-intentioned extremist, but he’s also VERY messed-up inside, you can’t deny that).

And yet… I somehow really like the idea of them together? They have great history together, and I just find their interactions really sweet:

And he even lets her hug him!

So, yeah. That’s my deep dark secret when it comes to my DC ships. I’m kind of a Jason/Donna shipper. XD