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It's Only the End if You Want it to Be

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Sep 1 '14


THIS WAS ACTUALLY A LOT LONGER BUT I I cut out a whole chunk because every single slide was awful and no amount of cosmetic would fix it so I just lopped it off…. nonetheless I’m sorry for what I managed to finish as well. 

Sep 1 '14




Aug 28 '14



I should have been there.

First of all HOW DARE YOU my feels are fragile

As much as I love that last scene, that picture will never make sense to me. First of all, because Dick got that horrible mullet after Jason died (see that picture above where he’s grieving at Jason’s tombstone and still has short hair?)

And secondly, why does Jason look like a hobgoblin?

Aug 5 '14


My Cass and Helena K being sisters fic. Ignore continuity, because I don’t care.

Cass was welcomed back to the mansion by a rather large surprise. Jason was sitting on one of the parlor chairs with a…small child on his lap. Cass looked at him, confused.

"Yours?" She pointed. Jason responded with his eyes widening and then barking out a huge laugh.

"No…nononono…She’s our little sister now, apparently. Helena here is in joint guardianship with Selena and Bruce or something like that. I kinda zoned out at that par-OW!" He flinched as Helena stood up on his legs to tug at his white streak of hair. "Yes, Helena, I see you noticed that hair is different, but please stop trying to yank it out." Jason turned to give Cass a "Can you please take her for a minute?" look. Cass walked over and picked Helena up turning her around so she could face her. Cass noticed that she looked almost exactly like Selena. 


Her thoughts were interupped by Helena squirming to be let down, so Cass put her down and soon noticed that she was trying to climb up on one of the bigger chairs. Cass walked up to her and moved her arms slightly to give her better grip, and Helena amazingly hauled herself up onto the chair. She smiled and cheered.

"Yay!" Cassandra couldn’t help but laugh in response.

Soon Selina stopped by and told her (and Jason) about a game her and her sister used to play when they were little, called ‘Patty Cake’. Jason scoffed and thought it was silly, but Cass enjoyed the nice hand movements making Helena laugh and yell “B! B!” over and over. Then soon after Selina reached into the bag she brought with her. Cass couldn’t make out the words, but she could tell the picture on the cover was of a child like Helena, and a purple streak all over the cover.

Selina picked up Helena with one arm and strode over to the main couch in front of the fireplace in her usual elegant fashion. Cass started to slink out of the room, thinking she was interrupting an important mother/daughter bonding time, but Selina frowned and told her “You can sit with us, you’re her sister after all.” She turned towards Jason and offered him to sit with them too. He shuffled over hesitantly, but Cass knew that was just a front to hide his eagerness at being welcomed.

Cass couldn’t read the words, but she saw the pictures of (Harold, Selina said) drawing whole houses and stairs to the moon with a purple crayon. Cass watched entranced as Helena traced some of the lines with her finger, babbling incoherently.

Cass found herself wishing she could do that. Gather all her friends and family and draw a perfect world with purple crayons.

Jul 30 '14



Anon asked for all the flower crowns together. 

:’) Kon

Jul 20 '14

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Jul 14 '14


Batboys- The Four Hogwarts Houses

Here’s the batladies!

Why did I sort them into those houses?

Well… Those are the 3 traits I think best describes members of those houses which the batboys also has! Soooo~

Jason (Gryffindor)- Because he’s very courageous, will face any adversary, and will stop at nothing just to achieve his goals. I say he’s really got a lion’s heart, he sticks by his codes, and we all know how much he can and will fight to survive. Among all his brothers, he’s the biggest survivor of them all and whatever situation he’s put in, he’s surely able to soldier through it. Without a doubt, Jason’s bravery and passion to live life along with his “fiery” attitude is something everyone in Gryffindor possesses. 

Damian (Slytherin)- Looking at his lineage, he grew up in a house of assassins and a house that’s one of richest and most prestigious in Gotham. Because of his training by Ra’s, Damian really has the prowess, the skill, and even the will to fight for a better world according to what he was indoctrinated in. Along with the skill, Damian has the wit to stay on top of his game and his adamant nature is something people wouldn’t want to be against. A trait that is heavily present within members of Slytherin.

Tim (Ravenclaw)- Tim is said to be the most intelligent among his brothers. He’s the most adept to detective work and he’s also a brilliant strategist. It is known that Ravenclaw students are the best of the best in the field of intellect and creativity. When he puts his mind to his work, his heart would also wouldn’t be left behind and whatever plan he creates, it’s guaranteed to succeed. Looking at the people he surrounds himself  with, he’s very very accepting and welcoming of numerous views and opinions.

Dick (Hufflepuff)- Undoubtedly, Dick is the heart of the batfamily. He’s the big brother everyone would love to have and wherever he goes, he establishes close ties with many others. He cherishes relationships and people also wouldn’t hesitate to reciprocate the love and effort he gives in relationships. Dick may love the feeling of flying but he keeps his feet planted firmly on the ground. His down-to-earth nature along with his patience, and loyalty truly makes him fitting for Hufflepuff.
And oh, since he loves to eat… And Huffies have the kitchen… Yeah. Do the math. (。・ω・。)

For more of my random headcanons, derp around in my HEADCANON TAG! Also, feel free to ask me stuff!

I hope whatever I placed makes sense! And aww anon, I’m glad you like listening to my super derpy and random headcanons. (●´□`)♡
And… I hope you guys like this! 

Jul 5 '14


Stepmomma-Selina! :-)

(Okay, her dynamic with Babs is not actually motherly at all, and in fact if I were into that kind of thing I’d probably say they were highly slashable, but whatever, Babs is still a Batkid so she still gets included.)

I love, love, love seeing Selina interact with the non-Bruce members of the Batfamily, because some of those dynamics are just so unexpected and so awesome. I don’t even know which of these scenes is my favorite: her being adorable with Steph, or Jason telling her she’s “got herself a date”, or her calling Dick out on the way he thinks exactly (seriously, she is so spot-on), or the fact that she takes one look at Damian in all his bratty glory and her only comment is “Cute kid”.

Seriously. "Cute kid."

Akgkdfvktyh Selina, you need to marry Bruce RIGHT NOW and raise these kids because you are perfect and I need you to interact with them ALL THE TIME.

And then there’s her kissing Tim on the cheek, and his facial expression, which is utterly hilarious and perfect and basically I love every one of these scenes, okay.

Updated with a better Cass/Selina scene, because I didn’t like the one I had before. Thanks to renaroo for uploading the scan! 

Mar 25 '14

These are the basic emotions according to Artistotle. Reblog and show your best icon for each!

  • Anger

  • Calmness

  • Friendship/Love

  • Hate

  • Fear

  • Confidence

  • Shame

  • Shamelessness

  • Kindness

  • Unkindness

  • Pity

  • Indignation

  • Envy


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Mar 6 '14

One of Bruce’s least attractive qualities to me, as a parent/mentor, is the way he’s constantly comparing the kids to each other. It’s like he’s constantly ranking them in order somehow, deciding who’s better than whom, or has the potential to be better than whom, etc., etc. Which would be fine, except that he doesn’t just think this to himself, he says it right to their freaking faces. What kind of effect is that gonna have?

I know a lot of people find these kind of scenes heartwarming, but to me, it just leaves a bad taste in my mouth. Sure, Bruce is complimenting one kid, but he’s insulting another one in the same breath. And more to the point, he’s creating (IMO) a very unhealthy attitude of competition, where each kid is measured up not just by their own standards, but against all of the others’.

I can’t help but feel it creates a situation where, at the end of the day, no one really wins.

Dec 10 '13


You’re my brother, Dick. You’ll always be there for me.

oh my gOd

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Oct 1 '13














Unbroken full-size can be found here.

Oct 1 '13

one hundred robins


… give or take a few. Here’s a (most definitely incomplete) list of characters who have worn the Robin uniform, played a Robin-like role or a role in a way connected to being Robin.

Starting off, the Big Five: Dick Grayson, Jason Todd, Tim Drake, Stephanie Brown and Damian Wayne.


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Sep 29 '13

Tim vs. Jason: “the angry Robin”



Anonymous asked: “Tim? Has a temper. A very, very nasty temper”. Not to sound rude or belitting but I thought Jason was the angry Robin?

Hmmm. Okay. It’s important to note that “carries a lot of anger” and “has a nasty temper” are different things. Birds, butterflies, and bats all have wings, but nobody is going to argue that all three are the same type of wing, are they? Same thing with Jason and Tim. Simply because they express their anger in similar ways doesn’t mean they both arrived at that point from the exact same experiences. I don’t claim to be an expert here, but to me, Jason’s rage seems more of the “builds up to the point where it has to come out any way it can”, which is more of a sign of an inability to express anger in ways that help him reach a resolution.  Looking at Under the Hood, Jason initially seems angry at Bruce, but later on it becomes clear it’s betrayal and hurt, not just purely anger. Arguably he has the same problem as MCU!Bruce Banner (whose “anger” is more often than not actually fear): he can’t really express his feelings in a healthy way, not because he has a bad temper.

Tim, on the other hand, is perfectly capable of venting his feelings; however, his particular temperament is such that when he expresses anger, he does it extremely violently. This is a personality trait that shows itself consistently throughout the comics canon (wow I’m actually rather happy writers remember this): he trashes his room, he beats Villain of the Week almost half to death, he lashes out at Damian, ad infinitum. Looking at canon, you actually have a much stronger case for Tim being “the angry Robin”, much more so than Jason.

Again, I’m no expert, I’m just a reader like you and this is only my opinion.

Reblogging this because this is relevant to my interests. I agree with everything the writer pointed out.

I’d also like to add that assuming every Robin has a trait is normal (and to fair it’s a good way to tell them apart), but you can’t pretend they don’t share traits. The Robins aren’t just ‘The happy one, the angry one, the detective one, the girl and the son’. The Robin are supposed to be multidimensional characters you could find in real life, they are people.  

Dick is known for his bad jokes and sense of humor, but Jason and Tim also have their own dry sarcastic way of making fun of things and Damian is slowly but surely growing one. Tim is the smart Robin but that doesn’t mean the others aren’t able to investigate and pull a Batman on their own.

Jason is angry and doesn’t think much before he jumps into attack, but that doesn’t mean other Robins can’t pent up anger and lash out. And somebody like Tim, who has no idea how to deal with his feelings and tends to keep them inside… well, when he does show anger he kind of explodes.

Can I hug this post? Can I frame it on my wall for everyone to see? Can I freaking marry it?

Because seriously… YES. Yes, yes, yes, yes YES. THIS.

I hate when people try to write the Robins (or Batgirls, or any character, really) into these narrow little boxes. Because Dick is “The Happy One”, and Jason is “The Angry One”, and Tim is “The Smart One”, etc., and there can never be any overlap between them? And their characters can never be any more nuanced than that? HOW ABOUT NO.

Newsflash? EVERY SINGLE ONE of the Robins has a temper. Yes, ALL of them. Even Tim, “the quiet one”. Even Dick and Steph, “the happy ones” (and believe me, I can prove it). Now, that doesn’t mean they’ll all get angry in the same way, or to the same degree, or over the same things. Because they won’t. And it doesn’t mean they’re all equally likely to lose their temper.

But believe me when I say that you do not want to get on the bad side of ANY ONE of the Robins. Because they can ALL be “the angry one” if you push the right buttons, and you don’t want to be there when they do.

Sep 24 '13

Random Thoughts: The Bat-family…


So, with all the reading of comics, wiki-walking, and what not I’ve been doing over the last year or so, a thought occurred to me: We call it ‘the Batman Family’… then why is the theme that seems to be talked about the most with Batman ‘vengeance’ and ‘justice’?

Now, a lot of what I’ve see in the pages I’ve been reading, there is a lot of family aspects that do come up, but I’m talking about fan/reviewer/writer thought process here.

What a dead end vengeance and justice are when compared to the greater plot of familial connections. I’m told that the great trinity of Wonder Woman, Superman, and Batman represent truth, hope, and justice respectively. I say no to that.

Truth, Hope, Love.

Think about it for a second. What gets Bruce started on the road to being the Dark Knight? The loss of his parents, the loss of a loving family. He starts his crusade, and along the way, he picks up Dick. A sidekick that becomes more then just a partner, but something of a son in some respects. The same with Barbra as a sort of niece/daughter, then Jason, Tim (eventually in an official capacity even). Cassandra Cain shows up and with Barbra taking her under wing, you get a sort of ‘mother/father’ aspect out of Babs and Bruce. Steph steps up too. Huntress and the rest of the birds of prey as (depending on parts of continuity) literal and extended family. Toss in Damian as an actual heir to the throne of Wayne…

Looking at the history I’ve been combing through and starting to read first hand, I don’t see a story about vengeance. I see a story about how people of different walks of life can come together to help fill the holes left in their hearts and become a family. Not one of blood (mostly) but one of spirit, forged in the same mission: To protect others and keep them from feeling the same pains they feel as much as they can.

There is more to this rant, but it would take a lot of fact checking on what I remember looking up months ago. When I’ve gotten farther in my reading and have done more research, I’ll elaborate on all of this.

Still, in the end I don’t see a story of justice. Not one of Vengeance. Those are starting points, not the whole saga.

Ultimately, I see a story of Love.

Brilliant, perfect, beautiful post. It IS a story of love. I just really wish DC still remembered that.