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It's Only the End if You Want it to Be

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Aug 20 '14

"True love doesn’t happen right away; it’s an ever-growing process. It develops after you’ve gone through many ups and downs, when you’ve suffered together, cried together, laughed together."
"True love doesn’t happen right away; it’s an ever-growing process. It develops after you’ve gone through many ups and downs, when you’ve suffered together, cried together, laughed together."

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Aug 6 '14



Bruce Wayne has made a lot of stupid decisions in his life, but adopting and training Dick Grayson isn’t one of them


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Jul 30 '14



Anon asked for all the flower crowns together. 

:’) Kon

Jul 24 '14

eh, just something I thought of in class. It was fun to do this one. Officer~
class sketch


eh, just something I thought of in class. It was fun to do this one. Officer~

class sketch

Jul 24 '14



Jul 24 '14

Anonymous asked:

Dick vs. Bruce

Bruce wins, no doubt. I think Dick would give Bruce a closer fight than 99% of humanity would be able to, but Bruce is simply the better fighter. Dick’s fighting skills are consistently described as being almost as good as Bruce’s, rivaling Bruce’s, but there’s always the implication that he’s just a smidge less good. 

Therefore, much as I love him, Dick would lose the fight.

Jul 20 '14

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Jul 20 '14
Jul 20 '14



"Think positive thoughts :)"

*thinks about dick*


Jul 19 '14

Groovy Nightwing, Dustin Nguyen


Groovy Nightwing, Dustin Nguyen

Jul 15 '14


I‘m sorry to be so late……

Jul 15 '14

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Jul 14 '14


Batboys- The Four Hogwarts Houses

Here’s the batladies!

Why did I sort them into those houses?

Well… Those are the 3 traits I think best describes members of those houses which the batboys also has! Soooo~

Jason (Gryffindor)- Because he’s very courageous, will face any adversary, and will stop at nothing just to achieve his goals. I say he’s really got a lion’s heart, he sticks by his codes, and we all know how much he can and will fight to survive. Among all his brothers, he’s the biggest survivor of them all and whatever situation he’s put in, he’s surely able to soldier through it. Without a doubt, Jason’s bravery and passion to live life along with his “fiery” attitude is something everyone in Gryffindor possesses. 

Damian (Slytherin)- Looking at his lineage, he grew up in a house of assassins and a house that’s one of richest and most prestigious in Gotham. Because of his training by Ra’s, Damian really has the prowess, the skill, and even the will to fight for a better world according to what he was indoctrinated in. Along with the skill, Damian has the wit to stay on top of his game and his adamant nature is something people wouldn’t want to be against. A trait that is heavily present within members of Slytherin.

Tim (Ravenclaw)- Tim is said to be the most intelligent among his brothers. He’s the most adept to detective work and he’s also a brilliant strategist. It is known that Ravenclaw students are the best of the best in the field of intellect and creativity. When he puts his mind to his work, his heart would also wouldn’t be left behind and whatever plan he creates, it’s guaranteed to succeed. Looking at the people he surrounds himself  with, he’s very very accepting and welcoming of numerous views and opinions.

Dick (Hufflepuff)- Undoubtedly, Dick is the heart of the batfamily. He’s the big brother everyone would love to have and wherever he goes, he establishes close ties with many others. He cherishes relationships and people also wouldn’t hesitate to reciprocate the love and effort he gives in relationships. Dick may love the feeling of flying but he keeps his feet planted firmly on the ground. His down-to-earth nature along with his patience, and loyalty truly makes him fitting for Hufflepuff.
And oh, since he loves to eat… And Huffies have the kitchen… Yeah. Do the math. (。・ω・。)

For more of my random headcanons, derp around in my HEADCANON TAG! Also, feel free to ask me stuff!

I hope whatever I placed makes sense! And aww anon, I’m glad you like listening to my super derpy and random headcanons. (●´□`)♡
And… I hope you guys like this! 

Jul 13 '14

Tentative Titans (not Teen Titans but young-adult Titans) fan cast so far:

Freida Pinto as Raven, Alexandra Daddario as Donna, Amadeus Lundberg as Dick and Kali Hawk as Kory.

Jul 13 '14





Stepmomma-Selina! :-)

(Okay, her dynamic with Babs is not actually motherly at all, and in fact if I were into that kind of thing I’d probably say they were highly slashable, but whatever, Babs is still a Batkid so she still gets included.)

I love, love, love seeing Selina interact with the non-Bruce members of the Batfamily, because some of those dynamics are just so unexpected and so awesome. I don’t even know which of these scenes is my favorite: her being adorable with Steph, or Jason telling her she’s “got herself a date”, or her calling Dick out on the way he thinks exactly (seriously, she is so spot-on), or the fact that she takes one look at Damian in all his bratty glory and her only comment is “Cute kid”.

Seriously. "Cute kid."

Akgkdfvktyh Selina, you need to marry Bruce RIGHT NOW and raise these kids because you are perfect and I need you to interact with them ALL THE TIME.

And then there’s her kissing Tim on the cheek, and his facial expression, which is utterly hilarious and perfect and basically I love every one of these scenes, okay.

Updated with a better Cass/Selina scene, because I didn’t like the one I had before. Thanks to renaroo for uploading the scan! 

I’m super glad that my scans could help!

And oh my gosh!!! Step-mommy Selina!!!!!!!!

I have so much invested interest in this photoset!

I do try to imagine how Earth-2 Dick adjusted to having Selina as his stepmother.

I haven’t read much Earth 2 - are there any scenes showing them interacting? I do know that Earth 2 Dick and Helena Wayne had a good relationship and I think he even mentioned having diapered her, which would seem to suggest he was on good terms with everybody.

In any case, Dick’s always seemed to get along pretty well with Selina, to the point of being something of a BatCat shipper at times (like in Hush when he encourages Bruce to tell Selina his secret identity) so I imagine he’d be okay with her as his stepmother. 

If it was Talia as the stepmom, I think Dick would probably take it harder as those two have never seemed to get along very well…