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It's Only the End if You Want it to Be

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Oct 14 '14

What the fuck




Vonn mentions zie really likes this one Babs artist.

Me: Oh, I recognize that art. That’s one of the early BOP artists.

Me: Who was that, again?

Me: *looks it up*

Me: … what

Me: Why the fuck did he start tracing then?

That is actually the great tragedy. He’s very talented, but you never see that work anymore. I was complaining about him to my sister once, and she was confused because he had been that great artist that drew Sojourn. Then I showed her how far downhill he’s gone.

I just

How is this the same artist???

I’ve never understood why he feels the need to trace, because he doesn’t need to. Before he started tracing he drew some of my favorite scenes in BoP and Nightwing:

Look at the sense of movement there. The facial expressions. If he hadn’t started tracing, I honestly think he could have become one of the best comic artists out there.

Oct 14 '14

Can we just take a minute and talk about how much Gotham's Barbara Kean looks like she could actually be the mother of Dina Meyer's Barbara Gordon from the short-lived Birds of Prey TV show?

I know Barbara Sr. is only Babs’ biological mother in some versions of continuity, but still. 

Oct 6 '14

fun with shapes and color.


fun with shapes and color.

Oct 5 '14


Harley Quinn (2000-2004) #11

“Yes — a little male mental control trick I learned from Poison Ivy. I’m afraid you’ll have to do whatever I want now. Or are you here on business—?”

Did I mention this is my favorite canon issue of DickBabs ever? Because yeah. I’d have done just about anything to have had Dick and Babs written with these characterizations and chemistry throughout their canon relationship.

*nods vigorously at everything Rena just said* This series was great because not only did they get Harley so so right, basically every character who showed up in the book had spot-on characterization.

And this is one of my all-time favorite Dick/Babs moments as well. A whole series of them like this would have been perfection.

Sep 30 '14

Birds of Prey - “We made something great here.”


There’s so much I love about Birds of Prey, particularly Gail Simone’s run, and there are so many great moments I could mention.

Barbara Gordon, Dinah Lance, Helena Bertinelli and Zinda Blake are all amazing characters with incredible courage and strength, and I could spend paragraphs raving about any one of them. But today I just want to take a moment to appreciate their relationships, as a team and as friends. Because the way they were written, their wonderful camaraderie and the deep friendship these women shared… I miss that, a lot. And it’s something I wouldn’t mind seeing more of.





(Scans from Birds of Prey #99 and #108.)

Sep 28 '14


Inspired by this and this.

Sep 23 '14


"Heroes shouldn’t have happy personal lives. They are committed to being that person and committed to defending others at the sacrifice of their own personal interests. That’s very important and something we reinforced. People in the Batfamily, their personal lives basically suck.”  Dan Didio

Sep 23 '14

Name: Barbara GordonBirthdate: September 23Sun Sign: Libra, the Scales



Name: Barbara Gordon
Birthdate: September 23
Sun Sign: Libra, the Scales

Sep 14 '14


Nightwing #153


Sep 10 '14






amarettoblue said: A photoset of Cass and hugs??

Well. This absolutely broke my heart.

So, in canon, there are exactly two people we have seen canonically hug Cass as in, y’know, an actual hug.

But that’s not the characters’ fault. That’s the shame of the creative department. So I sorta “stretched” what constitutes a hug and let Cass hug it out with her family.

Damian enjoyed his the most, I’m sure. One-armed hug tackle of love!!!

That’s… that’s depressing. I was sure that there was more, but… Yeah. (Seriously, not even one with Steph that didn’t happen in Cass’s head?)

But physical contact! Yay! These photos are adorable. Especially the one with Tim and Robin going after… Harley?

(I’d totally hug Cass! If I was, you know, a comic book character.)

I was sooooooo sad looking through my archives for hugs. I just was disappointed beyond belief. The noises I was making were concerning Beatrice last night enough that she woke up and stared at me. 

And yup — that’s from the Harley Quinn chase in “Night and Day” (seriously one of my just favorite Bat Family stories — it’s in the queue at renaramblesaboutcomics I’m excited to say!) 

Yes yes and yes to hugging Cass. I kind of hug my trades weekly as it is lol. Real life Cass wouldn’t get out of my grasp X3

Sadly my drawing is far from being good enough to bring justice to Cass, but I saw this post and I was just sad. So I decided that she deserved at least one more real hug :)


Everyone check out Epsymoon’s gorgeous fanart!!!! AHHH!!! This is great oh my gosh. I want to squeeze it forever!

Wait, what about this hug?

That doesn’t add to the actual number of people who’ve hugged her, I know, but it’s still a pretty important hug in her history and should be included, IMO. (I know Beechen writing Cass was the worst, and maybe that’s why you left it out, but I still have a lot of love for this particular moment.)

In any case - I don’t think I’ve ever properly realized that Bruce and Babs are the only people who’ve ever properly hugged Cass in canon, or that there have been so very few hugs at that! Unacceptable - Cass deserves all the hugs!

So, I am contributing more fanart to the cause:

(Note: This drawing is absolutely not mine - I wish I could draw like that - it is by the very talented emvie. It’s unfortunately been taken down from their blog, but you can still see the original post here.)

Sep 1 '14




Aug 31 '14

You’ve escaped, and you think the world’s a huge place, and you can hide anywhere, right? I’m here to tell you… that world? I own it. Your world is getting smaller by the second. And you can’t hide anywhere from me. Every database, every security cam, and every police band has my fingerprints on it. Every moment you’re out the noose pulls tighter. And Savant, just in case it’s not crystal clear by now… Nobody messes with my partner.

(Source: scootssummers)

Aug 24 '14

Nightwing 80-Page Giant


Nightwing 80-Page Giant

Aug 24 '14

All because they do not wish to see anyone else suffer the way they do. (x)

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Aug 22 '14


So usually we’re all about jokes here, but guys, we have to talk about Issue 8, aka “Dick Grayson shows Babs she could be pretty again if she’d just trust a man to help her.”

Fuck, this issue pisses me off. So here’s the first thing you see:


Black Canary’s art deserves a post all to itself, but for anyone who got their dicks out for another Playmate-traced jerkfest, sorry! This issue is about a woman in a wheelchair.


This is what disabled women wear on dates, right? Baggy olive drab sweatshirts?


Oh, and khakis.

This has been driving me crazy for eight issues. We talk a lot about how women are sexualized in comics, and Black Canary definitely runs around contorting herself into improbable positions. But isn’t it equally problematic that Oracle is pictured in ratty sweats most of the time?

Anyway, Babs and Dick get to talking about their demons, and Babs is all:


Dick’s like, “Yeah, I get it, you SAY you’re fine, but lemme mansplain about how you can’t possibly be happy in a wheelchair.”


"Man, you’re right, Dick, my life IS unfulfilling! That’s why they put me in an XXL sweatshirt instead of spandex! It’s a metaphor."

Incidentally, to drive the point home, we get a shot of a clearly Playmate-inspired (or traced) pre-wheelchair Batgirl.

image"I mean, before your spinal cord got severed you could practically touch your hips to your boobs!"

So, anyway, Dick “Amazing Grace” Grayson decides to teach Babs how to be sexy again, by LEAVING HER DANGLING THIRTY FEET IN THE AIR WITHOUT WARNING OR CONSENT.


But it’s okay, Babs! All you have to do to get down is admit he’s right!


So of course, he gets smooches.


But once they’re back on the ground, for SOME REASON she doesn’t want to date him!


"Right, so, I’ll just keep pushing, then. You’ll let me in eventually, and it’ll be so worth it when you’re sexy again!"

So, to review. Black Canary:




Barbara Gordon on her own:


Barbara Gordon when she turns herself over to Dick “It’s How You Use It” Grayson:


I need another fucking drink.

You make a good point about the way Oracle is de-sexualized vs. the sexualization of regularly-abled women, but I would point out that “This is what disabled women wear on dates, right?” isn’t really a valid argument when Babs and Dick both clearly say that this isn’t a date:


The issue of them potentially dating is brought up in this issue, but this in itself is not a date. No reason Babs should get dressed up just to see a friend. If you wanted to really (over)analyze it, you could actually argue that, since she seems to want to make very sure that Dick knows they’re just doing this as friends, maybe she purposely didn’t get dressed up to make sure he got the message. But that could just be me reading too much into things.

That doesn’t negate your larger point, which I think is a true one, that Babs as Oracle tends to be de-sexualized because of her disability while other women in comics are sexualized. But it is worth noting that saying Babs’ outfit doesn’t make sense for someone on a date is kind of meaningless when she isn’t on a date.

So, let’s get to the content of the issue.

First of all, Dick is not “showing Babs she could be pretty again”? The issue of her looks is literally never brought up in the issue? I get that you’re being sarcastic to make a point, I really do, but you’re also seriously misrepresenting what the issue is about.

More on that later.

Let’s talk about Dick asking Babs what she misses most.

I really do understand why people see that as problematic, and if you only look at it in the context of what Babs says in the panel right before it, it certainly does sound like Dick hasn’t been listening to a word she’s saying. She says she’s happy in her new life and his response is to ask what she misses most? WTF is wrong with that guy, right?

But if you look at it in the larger context of what Babs says on the page right before that (the page your image of Batgirl comes from), it makes a lot more sense:


Look at what Babs says here: “I remember that night every time I answer the door. And I think about what was taken from me.”

Here’s the thing: This in no way contradicts what she says later about being happy in her new life. Babs can be happy and fulfilled in her role as Oracle (as she herself says, maybe even more than she was in the life she had before), but she can still feel there are things she’s lost, and rightly be angry about that.

There’s a reason Dick says he’s been listening to every word Babs said. He heard the part about how she’s happy in her new life, sure enough, but he also heard the part right before that, where she talks about what was taken from her, and that’s why he says what he does. He’s not contradicting her or “mansplaining” anything - he’s actually directly responding to something she said before.

Babs has moved on, and she is happy in her new life as Oracle, but at this stage in the game she’s also still got a lot of anger and bitterness over what happened (understandably so), and Dick’s perceptive enough to see that. The reason he asks her what she misses most - and then proceeds to show her it’s an experience she can still have - is that he’s trying to show her there are some things which she feels she’s lost which haven’t really been taken from her after all.

I think a lot of people see this issue as Dick trying to focus on the past, but it’s really about the future. That feeling of flying Babs loved? The one she thought she couldn’t have in her new life? That’s an experience she can still have. You could speculate on the larger meaning of what the flying symbolizes, but at its most basic I think it’s meant to encapsulate the things Babs feels were “taken from her”. Obviously, there are some things - like the ability to walk - that she’s never getting back, plain and simple, but there are other things she feels she’s lost that Dick is trying to tell her can, in fact, still be a part of her life.

Far from trying to tell her that she “can’t possibly be happy in a wheelchair”, Dick is actually trying to show Babs that her new life doesn’t need to be as limited as she thinks it does.

And once you look at it in that light, the scene where he gets her to do the jump (or whatever you want to call it) by herself makes a lot more sense. It’s very, very significant that he tells her not just that she has to trust him, but that she has to trust herself. Again, it’s about showing her the possibilities in her new life, the amazing things she’s still capable of doing, the experiences she can still have. That’s not to say there weren’t things Babs was already loving in her new life, but there were also things she felt she’d lost. And that scene is her realizing that some of those things haven’t been lost after all:


Look how happy she looks when she says “I do, don’t I?” Again, it’s because she’s realizing what she’s still capable of, realizing that there are things she thought she’d lost which can still be a part of her life. 

Some final thoughts:

  • There’s really no evidence that Dick intends to keep pushing Babs at the end of this issue? We don’t see the rest of that conversation, but the issue ends with them just chatting together amicably, and he seems to have dropped the topic of romance. In fact, so far as I can recall, the topic isn’t brought up again until they ultimately get together in Nightwing #38-39. Dick was obviously hoping for them to get together, but he wasn’t pushy about it.
  • I’m… honestly just confused by the whole “when you’re sexy again” thing? Again, what do Barbara’s looks have to do with any of this? When they ultimately get together she looks exactly the same way she does in this issue (including almost identical fashion sense - the loose green shirt/green headband look seemed to be a favorite of hers in that era). Did I miss a scene where Dick tried to give her a makeover or something?