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It's Only the End if You Want it to Be

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Jul 24 '14

Anonymous asked:

Bruce Wayne + Clark Kent

Platonic ship. I get why people would ship them romantically, I absolutely do, but Lois and Clark are Absolute OTP to me and I can’t imagine shipping either of them with anyone else. And Bruce and Selina are pretty high on the OTP list, too.

Bruce and Clark have the best friendship, however.

Jul 24 '14

Anonymous asked:

Stephanie Brown or Tim Drake

Steph, but only by the slimmest of margins. I love my Timmy a lot.

Jul 24 '14

writeroffates asked:

Dick Grayson or Clark Kent

Close, but as a rule Dick is gonna beat… almost any character you put him up against, really. There are a few exceptions to that, but not many. It’s not because I think Dick is objectively the best character in the world or anything, but he’s one of my most beloved fictional babies, you know?

Jul 24 '14

alleybat asked:

Barbara Gordon or Dick Grayson?

I have gotten this question before, actually, and you can read my answer here.

I stand by what I wrote back then, pretty much. (… Besides the fact that I wouldn’t throw the words “Sophie’s Choice”, “crazy”, and “insane” around so casually if I was writing today. *winces*)

Which basically comes down to: I have a stronger personal attachment to Dick as a character, but what Babs symbolizes to me might be more powerful.

However, it’s a tough call, because I also find Dick a tremendously inspiring character, and I also love Babs very much.

… Overall, I’d maaaaaybe go with Dick, just because he’s “my baby” in a way that Babs isn’t quite as much.

Not an easy choice, though. 

Jul 24 '14

Anonymous asked:

titans vs jla


I’m just including that picture because I think it’s awesome. ;-)

That depends which incarnation of each team you’re talking about, but overall I think this would be a close one. The Titans probably have had more members overall, but many of them are (by definition) less experienced than their mentors on the JLA. However, there are some real powerhouses on both sides.

I’m going to give this one to the Titans for one simple reason: Leadership.

The JLA are consistently shown as not having a real leader. Clark is the one that they would probably all listen to, but Clark isn’t the type to take charge and tell people what to do. Bruce no doubt has some contingency plan stored away in case they ever need to go up against the Titans, but he’ll be such a bossy jerk about it that no one will want to listen to him. Diana will come up with an alternative plan which will probably be a very good one based on her military knowledge, but Bruce still won’t like it because it won’t be his plan. Bruce and Diana will begin to argue about whose plan they should go with, which will soon lead to the entire JLA pitching in their thoughts and an all-out argument breaking out.

Meanwhile, Dick will come up with a plan which objectively might actually be less good than Bruce or Diana’s, but which will have the advantage that all of the Titans will actually listen to it. When the two teams go up against each other, therefore, the Titans will be unified and organized, while the JLA will either not have found a plan everyone could agree on, or be carrying out a plan that half the team doesn’t like.

Therefore, the Titans win. 

Jul 24 '14

renaroo asked:

Wally West or Roy Harper?

Wally West. 

I like Roy a lot, too, but I think overall I prefer Wally.

Jul 24 '14

Anonymous asked:

Dick vs. Bruce

Bruce wins, no doubt. I think Dick would give Bruce a closer fight than 99% of humanity would be able to, but Bruce is simply the better fighter. Dick’s fighting skills are consistently described as being almost as good as Bruce’s, rivaling Bruce’s, but there’s always the implication that he’s just a smidge less good. 

Therefore, much as I love him, Dick would lose the fight.

Jul 24 '14

firefaerie81 asked:

Harry Potter vs Percy Jackson

This is a cool one because they have *completely* different kinds of magic.

I’d say it depends on what part of the series we’re talking about. Book 1 Percy would totally clean the floor with Book 1 Harry, because even when he couldn’t really control his powers we’re shown that Percy could still do some serious damage, while the only thing Harry showed immediate aptitude for was riding on a broom.

However, Harry by the end of the series, who is one of the most proficient if not THE most proficient in his class at Defense Against the Dark Arts and has fought against Death Eaters, would be MUCH more evenly matched against Percy.

To know who’d win later on, I’d say we look at the kind of magic they default to: Harry’s “signature movie” is disarming his opponent, which would do exactly zip against Percy who doesn’t fight with a wand in the first place and whose weapon comes back to him automatically. Likewise Percy’s go-to form of attack, his sword Riptide, would do absolutely nothing to Harry since it’s only effective against mythological monsters.

Percy would be likely to try some kind of water magic next, but Harry knows counterspells (such as the Shield Charm) which would block that, so unless Percy had the element of surprise that’s unlikely to work. Percy, on the other hand, has no way of blocking Harry’s spells, so he’d be completely vulnerable to something like Impedimenta (the Impediment Jinx) or Petrificus Totalus (the Body-Bind Curse), both of which we know Harry can pull off effectively by the end of the series.

Therefore, while early-series Percy would beat early-series Harry, Harry would win in a battle between their older selves, and most likely leave Percy frozen like a statue until the spell wore off.

Jul 23 '14

toalwaysbeme asked:

okay how 'bout NNT and Nightwing?

That one’s actually much easier. Still NTT.

I mean, there were some moments in the Nightwing series that were great, but I don’t love it nearly as much as NTT. And let’s be honest… burning every copy of the Nightwing series would be worth it just to wipe certain Devin Grayson moments off the face of the planet. Bonus points if I get to count Nightwing Annual #2 as part of the series. ;-P

Jul 23 '14

renaroo asked:

Alice in Wonderland or The Wonderful Wizard of Oz?

Alice is probably objectively the better book, but I’d go with The Wizard of Oz out of personal preference.

Jul 22 '14

toalwaysbeme asked:

can I play fahrenheit 451 with comics?? BoP or NNT?

This is a tough one, but I’d go with New Teen Titans. Out of personal preference, there’s practically nothing I love like NTT at its best. But I also feel like NTT had so many classic storylines, and classic moments… Who is Donna Troy?, Dick becoming Nightwing, Donna’s wedding, the Judas Contract… which had such a huge effect on comics as a whole. Overall, there’s just SO MUCH there I couldn’t stand to get rid of.

BoP was also an incredible series, and the amazing friendship between Babs and Dinah, the fact that it was an all-female team led by a disabled superheroine, the tremendous character growth that happened in that series… I’d hate to get rid of those things. BoP also had some *incredible* moments that I would hate the world to lose.

Not an easy decision at all, but NTT still wins for me.

Jul 22 '14

distractedbyshinyobjects asked:

The Wizard of Oz or Little Women - you can count the whole series or just the first book of each, whichever you prefer.

Ooh, tough.

If it’s the first book in each series, Little Women wins, although it’s a tough call. Both of these books are absolute classics that I love, and that I feel would be a big loss to literature.

If it’s the series as a whole… I’m still going with Little Woman, but only on the strength of that first book. To me, Ozma of Oz would be a bigger loss to the world than anything in the LW sequels.

(By the way, can Ozma count as a #womanwhoneedsamovie?)

Jul 22 '14

distractedbyshinyobjects asked:

The Giver or A Wrinkle in Time? (So glad no one's given me this one...)

A Wrinkle in Time, easily. The Giver is a good book, and I like it, but I don’t love Jonas the way I love Meg Murry (and Calvin and Charles Wallace, to lesser degrees). Anything to keep my girl Meg around!

Personally, I also feel like A Wrinkle in Time is a more unique and creative book - the basic conceit of The Giver is very creative, don’t get me wrong, but the story is still very similar to a bunch of other dystopias. Wrinkle, on the other hand, feels different from anything else I’ve ever read.

Lastly, if you factor the other books in both series into the equation, the other Time Quartet books are all quite good, while I think the Giver series became something of a mess after Gathering Blue.

Jul 22 '14

Anonymous asked:

hey hey i'm just wondering, but do you ship cherik??

Charles and Erik? I don’t really have any strong feelings on it. I can see why it makes sense as a romantic ship but I can also see it making equal sense as a friendship-turned-antagonism.

I’d need to read more X-Men comics, and watch more of the movies, in order to decide.

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Jul 20 '14

Anonymous asked:

true, true, but you could also make a similar case about Sirius and James. How Sirius never had a girlfriend and was showed as indifferent to girls´ attention, how meeting James challenged what his family stood for, how he ran to James, how he spent his whole life protecting and loving what James loved....but they were friends. Even when love is evident the nature of the relationship can be interpreted.

Erm… is this in reference to that post about Dumbledore and Grindelwald I reblogged? 

The difference is that J.K. Rowling has come out and said that she considers Dumbledore gay. And that he was in love with Grindelwald. This is not fan interpretation. It is not reading between the lines. It’s what the author herself intended. She just didn’t put it in the text. The fact that she chose not to put it in the text overtly is problematic.

That’s… completely different than Sirius and James’s friendship? No one’s arguing that one person can’t love another one deeply without it being romantic, or what have you. The HP series is full of powerful platonic relationships. But according to J.K. Rowling, she imagined Dumbledore’s feelings for Grindelwald as romantic, not platonic.