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It's Only the End if You Want it to Be

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Sep 23 '14


"Heroes shouldn’t have happy personal lives. They are committed to being that person and committed to defending others at the sacrifice of their own personal interests. That’s very important and something we reinforced. People in the Batfamily, their personal lives basically suck.”  Dan Didio

Sep 10 '14
Sep 10 '14






amarettoblue said: A photoset of Cass and hugs??

Well. This absolutely broke my heart.

So, in canon, there are exactly two people we have seen canonically hug Cass as in, y’know, an actual hug.

But that’s not the characters’ fault. That’s the shame of the creative department. So I sorta “stretched” what constitutes a hug and let Cass hug it out with her family.

Damian enjoyed his the most, I’m sure. One-armed hug tackle of love!!!

That’s… that’s depressing. I was sure that there was more, but… Yeah. (Seriously, not even one with Steph that didn’t happen in Cass’s head?)

But physical contact! Yay! These photos are adorable. Especially the one with Tim and Robin going after… Harley?

(I’d totally hug Cass! If I was, you know, a comic book character.)

I was sooooooo sad looking through my archives for hugs. I just was disappointed beyond belief. The noises I was making were concerning Beatrice last night enough that she woke up and stared at me. 

And yup — that’s from the Harley Quinn chase in “Night and Day” (seriously one of my just favorite Bat Family stories — it’s in the queue at renaramblesaboutcomics I’m excited to say!) 

Yes yes and yes to hugging Cass. I kind of hug my trades weekly as it is lol. Real life Cass wouldn’t get out of my grasp X3

Sadly my drawing is far from being good enough to bring justice to Cass, but I saw this post and I was just sad. So I decided that she deserved at least one more real hug :)


Everyone check out Epsymoon’s gorgeous fanart!!!! AHHH!!! This is great oh my gosh. I want to squeeze it forever!

Wait, what about this hug?

That doesn’t add to the actual number of people who’ve hugged her, I know, but it’s still a pretty important hug in her history and should be included, IMO. (I know Beechen writing Cass was the worst, and maybe that’s why you left it out, but I still have a lot of love for this particular moment.)

In any case - I don’t think I’ve ever properly realized that Bruce and Babs are the only people who’ve ever properly hugged Cass in canon, or that there have been so very few hugs at that! Unacceptable - Cass deserves all the hugs!

So, I am contributing more fanart to the cause:

(Note: This drawing is absolutely not mine - I wish I could draw like that - it is by the very talented emvie. It’s unfortunately been taken down from their blog, but you can still see the original post here.)

Sep 8 '14

Dragon*Con 2014 Commission
Robin by Mike Grell


Dragon*Con 2014 Commission

Robin by Mike Grell

Sep 1 '14


THIS WAS ACTUALLY A LOT LONGER BUT I I cut out a whole chunk because every single slide was awful and no amount of cosmetic would fix it so I just lopped it off…. nonetheless I’m sorry for what I managed to finish as well. 

Aug 30 '14

Anonymous asked:

How can you care so much about a character who is just a brat with no interesting development?


Alright, you rotten tater tot.  You brought this upon yourself.  You came into my askbox and left this message when I was posting a bunch of Damian Wayne.  You opened this box of crap cookies.  Now it’s time for you to eat them.  (Although this whole thing is very belated.  Because I needed some time to cool off after reading this when I first got it.  But I’m ready now.  And I came prepared, so I hope you are ready now.)

First of all, I have a serious bone to pick with people who think of Damian Wayne as being just a brat.  Just a brat.  He’s totally just a brat!  He’s never shown any character traits beyond being bratty.

It’s not like he’s ever shown intense emotion over the brutal deaths of children before.



It’s not like he struggles to control himself and improve himself and live up to everyone’s expectations…


…or gets hurt when those attempts aren’t acknowledged and treated as accomplishments.


And he’s never had any meaningful friendships with anyone for a reason other than his own personal gain, right?



He doesn’t grapple with his own inner demons.  He’s never had to figure out who he was, and it’s not like he’s ever shown an honest want to change or anything.


And obviously the only person he cares about is himself.







Yeah, he can be a badly behaved child sometimes.  Damian is prickly, I’m not going to argue about that.  He’s made some pretty piss-poor decisions, but he’s a little kidwho was raised in a seriously messed up way.  Give him a little bit of understanding, if not slack.  To diminish his character traits and boil all of his complexity down to “he’s just a brat” shows a gross misunderstanding of the character that I don’t even want to touch.

Now, as for your statement that he has “no interesting development”,  I simply have no idea what you mean.  Damian has one of the most interesting character arcs I have ever read, and he’s grown so much since his first appearance.  Whether you like him or not, or whether you think Damian has grown in the right direction or not, you can’t tell me that Damian hasn’t grown as a person.  

And all of that development was somehow… uninteresting to you?  I’d really hate to know what counts as interesting character development for you.  I mean… have you seen this kid?  He used to be so jumpy/uptight that you couldn’t even touch him before he’d wake up:


And he turned into this snuggly little pile of adorable buttface who’ll let his guard down enough that he can actually rest:


If you don’t wanna like Damian, that’s on you.  But at least dislike him for reasons that make sense, honey, and don’t bring your Damian hate to my doorstep unless you’re looking to be taught.


I will never stop loving that that’s your tag for Damian. :-P

Aug 28 '14
Aug 28 '14

Dick Grayson + Tropes

Aug 27 '14



Robin Commercial Model Sheet-A, B, C

Jose Luis Garcia-Lopez-Penciller (All)

Ryan Sook-Inker ( All)


Timmy rocking the Robin attitude

(Source: comicartfans)

Aug 24 '14
Aug 21 '14


DC Writers Spotlight: Greg Rucka

There’s no writing like Rucka writing, in my opinion. I really can’t think of a writer who has a greater hold on such a huge array of DC characters and narratives. For many of these characters, Rucka’s characterization is my standard.

If it has Greg Rucka’s name on it, you can guarantee I’ll give it a try.

Personal recs:

Rucka’s Wonder Woman
Gotham Central
Batman/Huntress: Cry for Blood
And everything he’s done with Kate Kane’s Batwoman.

Aug 18 '14



Robin: art by Tom Lyle with designs by Neal Adams, Norm Breyfogle, Stephen De Stefano, George Perez and Jim Amparo [ Batman: Knight Gallery ] 

The 1995 DC Comics Elseworlds special “Batman: Knight Gallery” featured the Robin concept designs from artists Neal Adams & Norm Breyfogle, as well as a selection of others from Stephen De Stefano, George Perez, & Jim Aparo– with Tom Lyle stepping in to deliver them in finished form for the book:-

My favourite thing about this is that the subtitle of this book is something like “Bruce Wayne’s Design Sketchbook”. Meaning, these are all his designs, which gives it a whole new level of hilarity.


Aug 3 '14

Was discussing the sad lack of Romani actors to cast as Dick with jncera yesterday, and I was reminded how absolutely perfect Ovidiu Balan would have been as Robin!Dick in the 90’s.

Sadly, the last movie he was in came out in 1997 (yes, the same year as Batman & Robin - the irony!), and I can only assume he’s retired from acting. More’s the pity.

Jul 31 '14



maybe or maybe not.

Jul 30 '14



Anon asked for all the flower crowns together. 

:’) Kon