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It's Only the End if You Want it to Be

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Aug 28 '14
Aug 24 '14
Aug 11 '14

OUAT Quotes

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Jul 9 '14

Snow White Appreciation Week

Day 2 - Favorite scene

Jul 6 '14

"I don’t feel like a hero or a saviour. I just feel like what I’ve always been: an orphan.

"…you were an orphan. It’s my job to change that.”

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Mar 24 '14
Mar 8 '14



Women shouldn’t be valued because we are strong, or kick-ass, but because we are people.  So don’t focus on writing characters who are strong.  Write characters who are people.


Disney Princess edition

I think I fell in love with whoever did this. Seriously. I try to tell this to people all the time. Disney ladies aren’t all the same.

Oct 1 '13

In which Regina is sassy and Snow is a badass

Oct 1 '13
"I appreciate you trying to be parents. But we’re the same age. We have equal amounts of wisdom."

Emma Swan, 3X01 Heart of the Truest Believer

Such a great moment. And I know everyone was waiting last season to hear this sort of thing from Emma but it does make perfect sense that she’s spouting it all now. She’s so angry. So angry. She blames her parents for losing Henry, and I do believe she blames Snow for losing Neal (not believing in her about Tamara). Last season she found out she has parents and she just wanted to be with them and get to know them. I think the quote about is something she’s always felt but was hesitant in ever stating it because she was so terrified that she would be left behind or abandoned or they wouldn’t want her. She was afraid of being rejected. But now? She can’t hold back how she truly feels. 

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Sep 30 '13

I demand a team-up.

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Apr 8 '13


She missed 28 years with Emma that she’s never getting back. 28 years that her baby was alone, orphaned, abused, unloved and felt entirely abandoned. 

I don’t think this is a “dark and evil” punch. I do understand her feeling bad about it since he was in the middle of apologizing. But if he’d been trying to justify that decision to leave a baby that was savior of their entire world, in the hands of a 7 year old, bleh.

I think we’re supposed to see it as a sign of Snow “turning dark” or whatever, but I completely agree. She missed being able to raise her child. She missed being able to protect Emma from all the things that hurt her in those years. Of course she’s gonna be angry about that.

It might not be laudable to hit Gepetto, but it was a human reaction. And the thing is, there is a huge difference between being “dark” or “evil”, and momentarily lashing out at someone. HUGE. When fantasy loses that nuance and creates the expectation that being heroic means smiling politely and turning the other cheek when other people hurt you, it oversimplifies what it means to be “Good”, IMO.

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Mar 25 '13


Damn right she goes out alone in the middle of the damn forest to shoot her damn arrows and listen to her damn rock music to relieve her damn tension because she is Snow Damn White damnit.


This pretty much immediately became my favorite scene, if you guys can’t tell. xD

I’ve come to the conclusion that Mary Margaret is basically exactly what I would be like if I were like 500x cooler than I actually am.

Y’know, and a fairytale character.

May 13 '12

I have no idea where that came from

One of my new favorite mother/daughter duos. What could be more fabulous than Mary Margaret defending her daughter like the tough and awesome lady that she is?

(Tonight’s episode was also a WONDERFUL tribute to the mother-child bond, but I’m not going to post spoilers for now.)

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May 8 '12


Talk about a motherly lecture.

^ Exactly! She really sounded like a mom here. I love it.

I also love how MM is starting to regain the strength and sassiness she had in the fairytale world. This is the third time she’s told someone off (the first two being David and Regina) and it was totally deserved and on-target (and awesome) in each case. AND she full-on kicked Jefferson out a window. HECK YES, MARY MARGARET. You go girl! It’s nice to see the ‘Real You’ shining through.

On that note, how completely AMAZING was Snow in this entire episode? She’s been hardcore all along, but WOW. Epic awesomeness.

Mar 18 '12


Okay, can we talk about how well this was done? Sometimes this show is all over the place when it comes to trying to strike a parallel between Storybrooke and FTL, but this ep, and Josh in particular got it ~down. The way he is so unflinchingly true in his faith in Snow even when she’s fannying around with a bow and arrow chatting shit about killing the Queen, but then he has a few seconds of hypnosis as David and he falters. The curse has broken him THAT MUCH.

I know they’ve been trying to do this all along with the whole affair thing, but they wore that out and it was much harder to sympathise with because it made David look more like a hypcritical idiot who wanted to have his cake and eat Mary Margaret than a man in a sort of crisis of faith who keeps losing sight of the qualities that made him ~Charming.

Basically, well done show. You made me actively invested in their struggle this episode. DON’T RUIN IT.

^ This, SO MUCH this. So very often, I get what this show is trying to do, but they miss the mark and it comes off as contrived, or like they’re trying to tell us who to root for instead of making us root for them. But it this episode they NAILED it, absolutely spot-on. Both the flashback and the real-world storylines were powerful and compelling (too often the story is lacking in one or the other) and they really showed how both David and Mary Margaret have changed.

And this scene… oh, my gosh. THIS SCENE. Mary Margaret, YOU GO GIRL. I have been waiting ALL along for MM to show the kind of backbone and defiance that Snow had in the fairytale world, and she FINALLY stood up for herself here, and it was glorious. I guess it’s true that going through a crisis brings out the strength in everyone, because Mary Margaret was never stronger or more compelling than she was in this episode, and seeing her tell off David was just the cherry on the cake. Not that I don’t understand that the curse is at play here, but he soooo deserved everything she said. If he really thinks she’d be capable of that kind of evil, then he does NOT love her.

SUCH a good episode!!!