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Jul 30 '14

Bat Girl:
Stephanie Brown
Cassandra Cain
Barbara Gordon


Bat Girl:

Stephanie Brown

Cassandra Cain

Barbara Gordon

Jul 30 '14



Anon asked for all the flower crowns together. 

:’) Kon

Jul 25 '14
toalwaysbeme replied to your post:
Okay but what if there were a Team Batgirl book with Oracle calling the shots and Black Bat and Batgirl out in the field (or Nightwing!Steph and Batgirl!Nell yesplease)… that started out as a question but now I just really want that

I’ve spoken about wanting a book like that in the past, actually! Even had conversations with other fans about who should be the theoretical writer/artist for the book. A lot of people tend to go with either Bryan Q. Miller or Gail Simone for writing, but my personal belief tends to be that Cass is a lot harder to get right as a character than Babs or Steph, so I’d rather have a writer who’s proven they can write her well, which neither Miller nor Simone has (and in fact, Miller’s treatment of Cass was pretty dang problematic, though I’m willing to believe there was editorial interference involved.)

My personal choice would be Dylan Horrocks, who had a quite good run on Cass’s Batgirl series and wrote some absolutely fantastic scenes between the three:




The choice of artist is less tricky as I can think of a bunch who’d do a great job… but as we were discussing the other day, Marcus To needs a project worthy of his talents, and he’s definitely shown he can draw all three of them fantastically:




So that would be my dream team for the book. :-) Dylan Horrocks as the writer, Marcus To on art.

Jul 9 '14
Jul 5 '14


Stepmomma-Selina! :-)

(Okay, her dynamic with Babs is not actually motherly at all, and in fact if I were into that kind of thing I’d probably say they were highly slashable, but whatever, Babs is still a Batkid so she still gets included.)

I love, love, love seeing Selina interact with the non-Bruce members of the Batfamily, because some of those dynamics are just so unexpected and so awesome. I don’t even know which of these scenes is my favorite: her being adorable with Steph, or Jason telling her she’s “got herself a date”, or her calling Dick out on the way he thinks exactly (seriously, she is so spot-on), or the fact that she takes one look at Damian in all his bratty glory and her only comment is “Cute kid”.

Seriously. "Cute kid."

Akgkdfvktyh Selina, you need to marry Bruce RIGHT NOW and raise these kids because you are perfect and I need you to interact with them ALL THE TIME.

And then there’s her kissing Tim on the cheek, and his facial expression, which is utterly hilarious and perfect and basically I love every one of these scenes, okay.

Updated with a better Cass/Selina scene, because I didn’t like the one I had before. Thanks to renaroo for uploading the scan! 

Mar 25 '14

These are the basic emotions according to Artistotle. Reblog and show your best icon for each!

  • Anger

  • Calmness

  • Friendship/Love

  • Hate

  • Fear

  • Confidence

  • Shame

  • Shamelessness

  • Kindness

  • Unkindness

  • Pity

  • Indignation

  • Envy


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Mar 6 '14

One of Bruce’s least attractive qualities to me, as a parent/mentor, is the way he’s constantly comparing the kids to each other. It’s like he’s constantly ranking them in order somehow, deciding who’s better than whom, or has the potential to be better than whom, etc., etc. Which would be fine, except that he doesn’t just think this to himself, he says it right to their freaking faces. What kind of effect is that gonna have?

I know a lot of people find these kind of scenes heartwarming, but to me, it just leaves a bad taste in my mouth. Sure, Bruce is complimenting one kid, but he’s insulting another one in the same breath. And more to the point, he’s creating (IMO) a very unhealthy attitude of competition, where each kid is measured up not just by their own standards, but against all of the others’.

I can’t help but feel it creates a situation where, at the end of the day, no one really wins.

Jan 30 '14

There are two kinds of people in the world.

People who think that Jim Gordon totally knows all of the Batfam’s secret identities (but just can’t openly admit that he does).

And people who are wrong.

Dec 7 '13

Anonymous asked:

What do you think of Phil Noto? Do you think he'd be good for that Bat title you mentioned a good while back?


Mhhh… I love Phil, I don’t know if he’d fit the book but I’d like to see what he could do with it.

His work on Batgirl #27 (Cass’s series) makes me think he’d probably be quite a good fit:

He can definitely draw the characters, and from what you’ve said I think this would fit the tone you have in mind quite well, no?

Dec 5 '13

for kitty


for kitty

Oct 2 '13

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Oct 2 '13





“like father like son”

My favorite Bat thing in common.

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Oct 2 '13

Final (for now) commission for two characters I’ve been wanting to draw for a while- Damian Wayne and Stephanie Brown (as Batgirl).
Apparently I also seem to enjoy drawing characters annoyed with things atop of their head. Somebody’s about to lose a limb.


Final (for now) commission for two characters I’ve been wanting to draw for a while- Damian Wayne and Stephanie Brown (as Batgirl).

Apparently I also seem to enjoy drawing characters annoyed with things atop of their head. Somebody’s about to lose a limb.

Oct 1 '13

one hundred robins


… give or take a few. Here’s a (most definitely incomplete) list of characters who have worn the Robin uniform, played a Robin-like role or a role in a way connected to being Robin.

Starting off, the Big Five: Dick Grayson, Jason Todd, Tim Drake, Stephanie Brown and Damian Wayne.


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Sep 29 '13

Tim vs. Jason: “the angry Robin”



Anonymous asked: “Tim? Has a temper. A very, very nasty temper”. Not to sound rude or belitting but I thought Jason was the angry Robin?

Hmmm. Okay. It’s important to note that “carries a lot of anger” and “has a nasty temper” are different things. Birds, butterflies, and bats all have wings, but nobody is going to argue that all three are the same type of wing, are they? Same thing with Jason and Tim. Simply because they express their anger in similar ways doesn’t mean they both arrived at that point from the exact same experiences. I don’t claim to be an expert here, but to me, Jason’s rage seems more of the “builds up to the point where it has to come out any way it can”, which is more of a sign of an inability to express anger in ways that help him reach a resolution.  Looking at Under the Hood, Jason initially seems angry at Bruce, but later on it becomes clear it’s betrayal and hurt, not just purely anger. Arguably he has the same problem as MCU!Bruce Banner (whose “anger” is more often than not actually fear): he can’t really express his feelings in a healthy way, not because he has a bad temper.

Tim, on the other hand, is perfectly capable of venting his feelings; however, his particular temperament is such that when he expresses anger, he does it extremely violently. This is a personality trait that shows itself consistently throughout the comics canon (wow I’m actually rather happy writers remember this): he trashes his room, he beats Villain of the Week almost half to death, he lashes out at Damian, ad infinitum. Looking at canon, you actually have a much stronger case for Tim being “the angry Robin”, much more so than Jason.

Again, I’m no expert, I’m just a reader like you and this is only my opinion.

Reblogging this because this is relevant to my interests. I agree with everything the writer pointed out.

I’d also like to add that assuming every Robin has a trait is normal (and to fair it’s a good way to tell them apart), but you can’t pretend they don’t share traits. The Robins aren’t just ‘The happy one, the angry one, the detective one, the girl and the son’. The Robin are supposed to be multidimensional characters you could find in real life, they are people.  

Dick is known for his bad jokes and sense of humor, but Jason and Tim also have their own dry sarcastic way of making fun of things and Damian is slowly but surely growing one. Tim is the smart Robin but that doesn’t mean the others aren’t able to investigate and pull a Batman on their own.

Jason is angry and doesn’t think much before he jumps into attack, but that doesn’t mean other Robins can’t pent up anger and lash out. And somebody like Tim, who has no idea how to deal with his feelings and tends to keep them inside… well, when he does show anger he kind of explodes.

Can I hug this post? Can I frame it on my wall for everyone to see? Can I freaking marry it?

Because seriously… YES. Yes, yes, yes, yes YES. THIS.

I hate when people try to write the Robins (or Batgirls, or any character, really) into these narrow little boxes. Because Dick is “The Happy One”, and Jason is “The Angry One”, and Tim is “The Smart One”, etc., and there can never be any overlap between them? And their characters can never be any more nuanced than that? HOW ABOUT NO.

Newsflash? EVERY SINGLE ONE of the Robins has a temper. Yes, ALL of them. Even Tim, “the quiet one”. Even Dick and Steph, “the happy ones” (and believe me, I can prove it). Now, that doesn’t mean they’ll all get angry in the same way, or to the same degree, or over the same things. Because they won’t. And it doesn’t mean they’re all equally likely to lose their temper.

But believe me when I say that you do not want to get on the bad side of ANY ONE of the Robins. Because they can ALL be “the angry one” if you push the right buttons, and you don’t want to be there when they do.