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It's Only the End if You Want it to Be

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Aug 17 '12

88-91/100 » Lois Lane

  #the only one who can intimidate Barbara Gordon is Lois Lane #pls not even BATMAN can do that #ugh she’s the greatest character ever created ok? 
^ Perfect tags are perfect. 
I love how Lois is written in this scene (this issue in general, really). She’s always determined to get the truth, and make no mistake, she will get it. Heck, even BABS is impressed by how much information Lois can get in this issue, and getting information is literally Barbara’s job (of course, it’s also literally Lois’s job, in a different way).
But what she’ll do with that story once she gets it? That’s not cut-and-dried. Because contrary to how some (uncreative) writers portray her, Lois isn’t just about getting the story out there no matter what. She’s a lot more nuanced than that. The bottom line is, Lois wants to be helping the good guys. If that means making sure the public knows the truth, she’ll do it. But if that means burying a story that would only hurt good people if it was out there, she’ll do that too. She has ethics.
Lois is all about the truth, but she also knows when not to expose the truth. That’s why Clark can trust her with his secret. And I know that seems really obvious and I shouldn’t have to say it, but I honestly think that some writers do not understand that about Lois. They’re still stuck in this Silver Age mentality where she’s some kind of one-dimensional truth machine who’s going to blurt out whatever she finds out. That’s ridiculous. Lois is a LOT more complex than that.

88-91/100 » Lois Lane