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It's Only the End if You Want it to Be

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Aug 17 '12



Lois Lane’s Rules of Reporting

AFF’s Tribute to Season 8

It’s so Clark to keep something like that and I think a big indicator of how much Lois meant to him.

^ Agreed.

I love everything about this episode. There’s only one Lois Lane. <3

Aug 17 '12

LOIS: I suppose you kept in touch with all your college friends?

CLARK: Well, yeah.

LOIS: Well sure, I mean that’s easy when you go to ‘Smallville U’ with a graduating class of 10 farmers and a cow!

2.06 | Operation Black Out

ROFL Lois. Your snark is the actual best thing.

And of course Clark kept in touch with all of his college friends. Because he’s Clark.

Gosh, I love Lois and Clark.

Feb 14 '12

Tribute to the Modern Age Lois & Clark, made by the awesome ImraArdeen1.

There are a lot of Clark/Lois videos out there, but this one might just be my very favorite. It captures everything wonderful about them as a couple, plus it has my favorite incarnations (comics, L&C, and Smallville).

Nov 28 '11

Five Other Television Projects DC/WB Should Do


The pilot season for next fall is already underway and we’ve heard the second DC associated project float out into the Hollywood trades. I have to admit the idea of Booster Gold being developed into a TV series was a bit of a surprise. Not as big as the earlier news about Deadman, however.

With all the other interesting intellectual property just laying around at DC, it confounds me why we keep hearing about projects like this and last year’s Raven (which appears not to have gone anywhere). More importantly with Marvel having announced three live action television projects at SDCC and one of them, aka Jessica Jones, pretty far along in development, why doesn’t DC have more shows on the air?

Except for their Superman properties (Lois and Clark, Superboy, Smallville), since the 1980 DC and Warner Bros. live action television properties have consisted of Birds of Prey, Swamp Thing, The Flash, and last year’s Human Target. Of those only Swamp Thing lasted more than one season.

There have been attempts, of course, some that never made it to pilot stage such as The Graysons, some that had “test footage” such as Blue Beetle and others that did make it all the way to film such as Aquaman, Justice League and David E. Kelley’s combination of “STRONG FEMALE CHARACTERS” and the Wonder Woman*.

With all that in mind, here are a few projects that DC might want take a look developing in addition to Booster Gold and Deadman. And if you are wondering if they have kick ass female characters in them, why yes, yes they do.

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Some excellent ideas here. I would totally watch Gotham City Law and Order or The Huntress. I am a bit iffy about whether they could make Ralph & Sue Dibny: Ghost Detectives work without having it be the cheesiest thing ever, but if they could pull it off, I think that would be great too.

Power Girl, too, I think would be incredibly easy to mess up, but incredibly excellent if done right. 

I have to admit, though, the #1 thing I wish is that they would do a proper Birds of Prey TV show. Based on the Dixon-Simone era. Where Oracle stays Oracle, and Dinah isn’t a teenager, and Helena isn’t a “half meta-human”, and most importantly, they all have their canon personalities. (Well, Babs did, from the little I’ve seen of that show. But they all should.) 

If it became a big success, it might even persuade DC to restore Babs as Oracle, or at least have some serious regret for their decision.