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It's Only the End if You Want it to Be

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May 9 '13

unorigelnal replied to your post:

I want to hug you so much right now. I am so sick of the “Regina/Gold have it so bad, don’t be mean about them” excuses, especially when, in Regina’s case, apparently it’s Henry’s fault for not sticking with her while she was pulling this crap.


Tbqh, if I posted about OUaT more often, “Henry Mills is Not an Ungrateful Brat” would probably be the new “Dick is not a Womanizer”, because I am so freaking tired of this argument.

I am also 9000% done with the people who try to make it into some Aesop about adoption, because the reason Henry feels conflicted about Regina isn’t because she’s his adoptive mother, it’s because she’s generally a horrible person and an abusive parent, and that would be equally true if she was his biological mother.

"But wait! But what about that one time Regina did that thing that was sort of not terrible because she loved Henry, and-“

-Yeah, what of it? Do these people think an abusive relationship is one where the abuser has never done a halfway decent thing in their life? Let’s not be stupid, here. The vast majority of the time, that’s not the case. Abusers aren’t inhuman monsters. They’re selfish, messed-up people who can’t stop hurting the people they love, and that’s exactly what Regina is.

If Regina really wants Henry and his love, there are literally two things she has to do: Stop playing mind games with him, and stop hurting innocent people.

That’s it. DONE. Every time she’s promised to do that, the kid has been nothing but receptive. It’s only when she follows it up with “Great, I’ll just kill your whole biological family, or maybe everyone in this entire town (did you really like them anyway, honey?), or maybe I’ll just hit you with an awesome spell that totally takes away your free will and turns you into you into a mindless puppet, because I somehow missed the part where The Stepford Wives wasn’t a relationship self-help book!” that he starts having second thoughts, and can you freaking blame him?! At this point, I consider it a wonder he keeps being willing to give her second chances at all.

But she raised him!" cry the Evil Regals.

To which I say: So. Freaking. WHAT?

The fact that she raised him entitles her to be considered his parent. That’s it. It does not automatically make her a good parent, and being that she is in fact patently not a good parent, Henry has every right to mistrust her and, if necessary, distance himself from her. 

The Dursleys raised Harry Potter. Isn’t it amazing that somehow no one ever claims that he owes them unconditional love and appreciation for that? You know why? Because they may have fed and clothed him when he was growing up, but they were abusive jerks the entire time. And abuse tends to have the natural consequence of eroding a child’s trust in their parent.

… I could sit here and rant about this all day, but, um, yes. Point is, I agree with you.

Apr 12 '13

unorigelnal replied to your post:

For the ultimate P, see Piper Halliwell handing out pasta and platonic cuddles in Prydain. Still not the weirdest crossover ever. Also *huge platonic cuddle*

Piper picked a peck of pasta-

… Wait, what were we talking about again? ;-)

(Hey, Piper canonically makes pasta! We see her making pasta in the pilot episode, in fact. xD)

Apr 12 '13

unorigelnal replied to your post:

I am shocked and horrified that P is not Prydain. It’s not like platonic cuddles are that awesome or anyth- no, sorry, can’t keep that up. Cuddles are as awesome as Prydain.

I deeply adore Prydain, and if someone sent me another ‘P’ it would probably be that. Or ‘Piper Halliwell’. Or pasta. There are many awesome things that start with a P.

But NOTHING beats platonic cuddles. ;-)

Apr 12 '13

heresalowerplace asked:

L O V E :)


L- Lois Lane <3

O- Odyssey, the

V - Vanilla swiss almond ice cream

E - Etta James

Mar 13 '13

unorigelnal replied to your post:

You say that like Marlowe/Shakespeare feels aren’t amazing feels, even if they are also crippling.

Marlowe/Shakespeare feels are the best feels. The only problem is that once you get me started, I may never shut up about them. xD

Mar 13 '13

unorigelnal replied to your post

Yes, but following in his glorious footsteps also leads to dying young, so I’ll stick with the success in my 40s and live to be a “get off my lawn” granny approach to life.

That is a very fair point. I’m happy to be just a bit more ordinary if it means I can avoid getting stabbed to death at the age of 29. :-)

When you think about it, how much he accomplished in such a short life is nothing short of amazing, though.

Mar 4 '13
unorigelnal replied to your post: 
Just to play Devil’s Advocate, while death has never been Dick’s breaking point, thinking he’s failed has been in the past (he was damn near suicidal after the incident with Blockbuster and then Tarantula) and he could think he’d failed Damian.

I’m sure Dick will think he’s failed Damian. Dick has the most exasperating tendency to blame himself for anything that goes wrong, and especially “failing” to protect his loved ones.

He’s referred to himself as “failing” to save his parents in the past. He beat himself up for not being there when Jason died (despite having been on a completely different planet at the time, and completely unaware of what was going on). He blamed himself for Donna’s death. I am sure he’ll feel that he “failed” by not saving Damian, too. That’s how Dick thinks, unfortunately.

But he’s not going to break over that. Even after what happened with Blockbuster and Tarantula (which was maybe his lowest point ever), he didn’t fall apart that completely. And he especially won’t let himself fall apart now, because the family (Bruce most of all) needs him, and Dick always pulls himself together when his family needs him. Look at him after Jason’s death. Or Bruce’s. He might have been heartbroken and guilty and a million other things, but he was there to do what needed to be done and support the people who needed him. (Granted, Bruce quite literally smacked away that hand of support after Jason died, but Dick would’ve stayed to help had Bruce let him.)

Feb 11 '13

unorigelnal said: 

Happy Birthday! *throws confetti, blows obnoxiously on party horn*

aforaffort said:


spectra-electra said:


tictocrabbit said:

HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! :D shower in some glitter and confetti.

shazaza said:

Wow, happy birthday dear!

 toalwaysbeme said:

Happy birthday, girl! Love you!

 foreverjoyous said:


katherinehawkeyebishop said:

Haaaaaaapy happy!

jeanluc-godard said:

happy bday! i hope you have an excellent one c:

aeedee said:

Happy birthday! MANY HUGS < 3 

queen0fcups said:


adioslola said:

happy birthday!!!!! here’s hoping it’s a good one. :)

Oh my GOSH. Thank you SO much for the thoughts and good wishes, you guys!! All of you.

Honestly, it’s thanks in a big way to some of you that this year is so much a better one than last year. Thanks so much for sticking with me.

I love you guys! <3

Feb 8 '13

unorigelnal replied to your post:

The bitterness over lack of hugs never goes away, and now Bruce is more likely to smack a fledged Robin than hug one (not bitter), it’s only gonna get worse. We do have BTAS, that’s true, but BTAS did also have Bruce/Babs… Focus on the hug(s)!

From what I’ve seen, I’m actually pretty sure I don’t like the way B:TAS wrote Dick’s character in the later years in general, but… yeah, let’s just focus on the hug(s).

And IDK. Aside from that one scene, Bruce and Dick actually seem to have a pretty good relationship in Snyder’s Batman, so… you never know?

*stay positive*

Feb 8 '13

unorigelnal replied to your photo:

I still find it a tad heartbreaking that the huggiest, most tactile Robin is the one who has never been hugged. Damn it Bruce.


I… I was trying not to mention that.

But yeah. I’m still bitter about that.

… At least we have Batman: The Animated Series?

Feb 3 '13

unorigelnal replied to your post:

Gotta love asshole anons who are too busy calling you an asshole to notice they’re being an asshole.

toalwaysbeme replied to your post:

Hey, Lu, guess what. I love you. You have every right to complain and some of us like it that you do be cause we hate the reboot, too. (I am a mother hen so I want to shield you from anons like this, but you always handle these things with grace.)

Awwww, you guys!

Have I mentioned that I love you both?!

But really, you don’t need to worry. I can handle anons like this. Truth be told, I’d always rather people come to me directly with their complaints (even if they do it on anon), rather than bashing me behind my back.

They were a bit rude, yes, but it’s really no big deal.

But I appreciate how protective you guys are of me. <3

Jan 29 '13

unorigelnal replied to your post:

Reliving that awful moment when I try to name Dick’s friends and come up short. “Well there’s- no, wait… but there’s- nope, gone too. Well there’s always- no, he likes Jason more. What about- wait, she’s gone. Huh. That sucks.”

He has… uh… Bruce?

I mean, other than Bruce punching him in the face, Snyder is writing their relationship pretty well. (Despite the fact that since Bruce no longer raised Dick in this continuity, it doesn’t actually make sense for them to be as close as they apparently are.)

But what bugs me about that is that making Bruce the only significant relationship in Dick’s life (save Alfred, and possibly not-Babs) is that it puts Dick back in the position of being Bruce’s underling.

Bruce is important to Dick. He always has been and he always will be. Maybe he’s even the most important person in Dick’s life. That’s not the problem.

But pre-reboot, Dick had other important relationships in his life besides Bruce. He’d stepped out of Bruce’s shadow, and he wasn’t defined by that one relationship anymore. He had friends who meant the world to him. He was respected as a leader (often considered the best in the DCU) by his fellow heroes. He had a place in the world that didn’t revolve around Bruce, and he earned that.

Now… he’s essentially Bruce’s grown-up sidekick. It’s great for him to support Bruce, it really is, but when it seems like that’s dominating his entire life, we have a problem.

Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m just gonna go look at this photoset and cry.

Jan 29 '13

unorigelnal replied to your photo:

The number of times Timmers have tried to argue that Tim never thought Dick would catch him is laughable. Did Lobdell take notes from them on how the relationship between Dick and Tim works? *is bitter*

To be fair, Dick swooping in to save Tim at that exact moment IS rather Deus Ex Machina.

But the fact remains… when Tim said he knew Dick would always be there to catch him, it had weight, because that was both literally and figuratively true. Dick would be there to physically catch Tim when he fell (which is why I included those parallels - plus, I love parallels), and Dick was always there to listen and help out when Tim was having problems and needed someone to ‘catch’ him metaphorically.

As for Lobdell, I honestly don’t think Dick and Tim have a relationship in his version of canon. Beyond, y’know, “Nightwing and I work together sometimes, he’s pretty cool.”

Jan 8 '13

heresalowerplace asked:

Very important question: how many hugs is too many hugs?

It depends on the situation:

If it’s someone who doesn’t want you to hug them, one is one too many and you shouldn’t be hugging them in the first place.

If it’s someone I’m not really close to but I have to hug them to be polite or something, one is enough.

But if it’s someone I’m really close to, who wants to be hugged? No such thing as too many. ;-)

Jan 2 '13

unorigelnal replied to your photo:

I see we had similar thoughts about reboot!Kory’s costume. Loving this redesign though, and Helena’s. Gorgeous work, my dear :D

*squeals* Really?!

Oh man, you have NO idea how insecure I feel about my art, so that means the world to me. Thank you so much!

I actually really love designing costumes (designing clothes in general, really), but I know I still have a long way to go before I’m really good at it.

Also, I should probably put that whole long explanation under a cut, shouldn’t I?