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It's Only the End if You Want it to Be

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Jul 24 '12

heresalowerplace asked:

I have a very random, fanfic plot related question for you. After the events of NW #93, if Tarantula and Nightwing were still up on the roof when the police turned up, and due to the state he was in, Tarantula could not shift Nightwing, would she stick around or would she bail and leave him behind? What do you think?

Leave. Absolutely. Her first priority would be getting away from the police and avoiding getting caught. In her own twisted way, Catalina is loyal to Dick - but she looks after herself first and foremost. She might feel a bit guilty over it, but she’d leave. (And truth be told, she’d probably blame Dick for not being “strong” enough to just get up and do what needed to be done.)