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It's Only the End if You Want it to Be

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Jul 30 '12

fanbingblink asked:

Wonderarity oops my finger slipped

LOL, who’s wonderarity? This carolferriss chick I know on the other hand, she’s pretty awesome…

What can I say about you, my dear? You’re an absolute sweetheart of a person, you contribute so much brightness and joy to the fandom, and I think you are simply too awesome for words. Considering your level of tumblr-fame, I’m still a bit dazed that you actually consider me a friend, but I am certainly thrilled to pieces to have you as one!

I love how you celebrate your favorite characters (which - coincidence! - happen to be many of mine, too) and how you speak up to defend them. I love that you are opinionated but never obnoxious or disrespectful of others. A perfect example of what a classy fan should be like, IMO. If fandom were made up of people like you, it would be a wonderful place.

(Also, you need to teach me how you make your photosets so perfect, because seriously. AWESOME. How come mine never turn out that way?!)

Jun 21 '12


I would read a book all about Lois Lane, Linda Park and Tana Moon having adventures in journalism.

It’ll be called…SUPER JOURNALISTS.


Vicki Vale can come along too!

Jun 17 '12

wonderarity replied to your post:

Tim’s Robin run over here! comicmasterpost.livejou…

Oh! I stand corrected. Thanks so much for providing that link! I went back and edited my answer to include it, so that’s okay now. Thank you! :-)

Jun 15 '12

wonderarityy asked:

You always seem to be able to explain my thoughts better than I ever could. There's the notion that a movie or anything with a WOC as the main lead wouldn't sell. How would you debunk that notion?

You know what? I was going to write a much longer, more pretentious essay on this topic, but I’ve decided to do this simply. Let’s look at a list of the highest-grossing movies of all time.

You see what the VERY top movie is? #1, most successful, biggest earnings of all time?

James Cameron’s Avatar.

You know what the lead characters in Avatar looked like? For the majority of the movie, they looked like this:

Amazing. The highest-grossing movie of all time features characters with a skin color that not one person in the audience could possibly have possessed.

Not. One. Person.

And yet somehow, the fact that these characters were blue didn’t stop people from responding to their story and going to the theater to enthusiastically spend money on watching it again and again.

So why should it matter so much exactly what shade of brownish-beige the character is? If there’s on thing Avatar's success proves, it's that audiences don't just respond to stories about people who are the same color that they are. And it's much the same with men vs. women. Even if for some reason you want to decide that your target audience is only men (even though alienating half the population doesn't seem like a smart business move to me, but what do I know), the bottom line is that the most important thing is NOT that the character look like the audience. It’s that the character resemble the audience in deeper, more internal ways.

Simply put, people respond to well-written characters and good stories. If you give your characters personality traits that will endear them to the audience, and their struggles strike the right emotional chords, then you’ll have a successful lead character.

There’s a large element of self-fulfilling prophecy when people argue that these sorts of things “Won’t sell”. The fact is, they haven’t tried. And more often than not when they do try - surprise! - race and gender turn out to be far less relevant thank you’d think. People argued for a long time that an action franchise could never be lead successfully by a woman. The Hunger Games pretty definitively proved that wrong. But if people keep insisting that these things WON’T sell and it isn’t even worth trying, they’ll never get a shot.

Jun 15 '12

anything but sleep XD

LOL wonderarity, are you giving me advice or enabling me? XD

c then b then a. Because together it spells ‘cba’.

Alright then. It seems that some comination of (b) and (c) is the consensus. You guys send in some questions, I’ll whip up some fluff.

(Actually wonderarity, you know that friendship photoset I told you I was planning way back when? I finished it this morning. But I’m probably not posting it until tomorrow.)

Jun 14 '12

wonderarityy asked:

Your favorite title is DCnU Batgirl.

DCnU Batgirl is the BEST. Thank GOD they restored Babs to where she should be. She was lame as Oracle and those replacement Batgirls were even lamer than she was.

The only thing wrong with it is that Simone woman who’s writing it. What a talentless hack. Chicks should NEVER write comics. Someone get some REAL talent on that book, like Scott Lobdell.

Jun 12 '12

wonderarityy asked:

What's your take on Steph dragging the Batfam for a sitdown one day to watch a Sailor Moon marathon with her? C:

I have to admit I’ve never watched Sailor Moon. But I imagine that

- Damian would whine and make snide remarks about the characters’ hair and costumes and how ridiculous they look

- Cass would be a little confused but happy to see anything Steph wants to show her

- Babs would roll her eyes but then start making comments which make it obvious that she totally watches it

- Dick would just be happy for the family to spend some time together doing something fun

- Tim would protest until Steph would remind him of how into it he was when they watched together back in the day

- And Jason would claim he wasn’t going to join in and then show up at the last second.

*shrugs* Considering I’ve never actually seen the show, that’s the best I’ve got.

Jun 5 '12
  1. Well Dick IS a cutie patootie

Indeed he is. He is also my precious baby and my adorable circus boy and the beloved darling of my heart. All of these are actual tags that I use on my blog omg can you say ‘fangirl’.

… I’m gushy at this hour, sorry. I am such a liar, I am gushy about Dick at EVERY hour.

  1. I don’t understand.. How could Dick NOT be the ideal way to make someone happy..? haha.

Very true. The real question is not why 90% was Dick-related, but why on earth 10% involved anything else. I don’t know what I was thinking. I mean, baby polar bears are NICE and all, but there’s really no comparison. XD

May 22 '12
Oh, I know what you mean. HMMMM, oh god this is harder than I thought.

I KNOW. It is ridiculously hard. Which is… exactly why I want to make this photoset, frankly. We need more platonic guy/girl friendship in the DCU. And what we have needs to be celebrated.

Also maybe one with Kara? Do Conner and Kara count as blood relatives? They do, don’t they?


May 22 '12

wonderarity said:

I actually love Tim/Cassie brotp. Both of them can understand and relate with each other the difficulties and responsibilities of leading a team. Hmmm Barbara/Jason as Batgirl and Robin, M’gann/Eddie, Steph/Klarion.

I love Tim/Cassie as friends too, and I don’t ship them romantically at ALL, I’m just worried that their relationship has been too overtly romantic for them to count as an objectively platonic ship.

Steph/Klarion did have that cute interaction in her Batgirl series, but as far as I know they’ve never interacted again and I wouldn’t really call them friends… I’m looking for friendships with a much, much stronger connection than that, you know?

Same applies to Jason/Babs. Some cute interaction, but are they really such close friends?

Eddie/M’gann is a very good idea… and I think I found a good picture to use! So that’s awesome. <3

May 20 '12

wonderarityy asked:

74, 77 C:

74) Chocolate milk OR Coke?

I would have to say neither. My mother raised me to be really, really healthy, and although she didn’t succeed in every way, one way in which she really did is that to this day I mostly drink healthy beverages like water and juice and unsweetened iced tea. Between these two I’d say Coke, but I’m not really a fan of either. I do like hot cocoa (which is basically heated-up chocolate milk, so, yeah, I’m weird. Though I usually make it with soy).

77) TV Shows OR Movies?

There are more movies I like than there are TV shows… BUT I do like how on TV, characters and relationships can be developed over a longer period of time. It allows for real growth and more realistic/deeper connections between characters, which I like.

May 20 '12

wonderarityy asked:




Their team-ups would have been the most fabulous thing. I’m sorry. Your argument is invalid.

And imagine them in the JLA with Wally! Precious Titan babies, all growed up and taking over their mentor’s roles! SO MANY TITANS FEELS OMG.

May 17 '12

wonderarityy asked:

Hmmm Dear Cassie Sandsmark

Dear Cassie Sandsmark,

Congratulations on making your TV debut! From the few scenes of Young Justice I’ve seen around, it looks like you are one of the very best things on a highly flawed show, so kudos to you for that. I just wish people would focus on your awesomeness instead of getting you into shipping wars which don’t even exist yet. You deserve so much better than that.

Still, I’m happy for you Cassie, and I hope that this will be the first step in getting your character more widely known and helping the whole world know just how awesome you are. Maybe then DC will wake up and restore you as leader of the Teen Titans (because, come on, we ALL know it should be you in charge) and stop trying to tone down your personality and turn you into some bland vanilla heroine. You deserve better than that, too. Your character has suffered so much at DC’s hands, and it isn’t fair to you at all.

I hope things start looking up for you soon.



May 17 '12

wonderarityy asked:

Dear Wonderarity /shameless oops

Dear Wonderarity,

Have I mentioned lately that you are awesome? Because, seriously: SO AWESOME.

Your enthusiasm for all of the fabulous DC ladies never fails to make me smile, and your blog is pretty much chock-full of wonderfulness.

I can’t thank you enough for all your support of me and all of your wonderful feedback on my posts. It means extra since I adore your blog so much. I’m so glad you decided to follow me, and I’m so glad we’ve been chatting more lately. I always knew you were awesome, but it’s nice to be able to know it on a more personal level, and not just as ‘Ooh, this person posts awesome things, me gusta!’

Carry on being fabulous, and carry on spreading love for all the wonderful ladies!



May 17 '12

wonderarityy asked:

Dear Diana of Themyscira

Dear Diana of Themyscira,

Thank you.

Thank you for being the very first amazing DC superheroine, paving the way for all the other amazing DC superheroines who came after you.

Thank you for being a feminist icon and role model, a symbol of feminine strength way ahead of your time.

Thank you for showing that women can be both strong AND compassionate, both powerful and nurturing, both peaceful and fierce.

Thank you for never compromising your integrity, never giving in to insecurity or self-doubt, and never making ANY apologies for who you are.

Thank you for being a wonderful older sister to Donna and Cassie. Thank you for being one of the only people in the world who can call Bruce out when he’s being an idiot. Thank you for being an amazing best friend to Clark. I don’t know where any of them would be without you.

Thank you for coming to Man’s World and turning it (and the history of superheroes) upside-down.

Thank you for touching lives wherever you go, and giving not only women, but humanity in general, something to aspire to for over seventy years.

Thank you so much.

Yours in great admiration,

A Fan